Mulsantir (Act One)

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Area Note

You won't be able to do much in Mulsantir until you've visited the Veil Theater (Exit B). After dealing with the events in there, when you leave the theater you'll be confronted by the three witches who govern Mulsantir. They'll tell you that Okku and a spirit army have laid siege to the city, and that you'll have to face them since you're the one who riled them up. Once you've learned this news, exiting the city via the front gate (Exit A) will take you to the battle, and so before leaving it's a good idea to earn some experience and add some companions. You can find both in Mulsantir and Shadow Mulsantir.


1 - Locked Houses

You won't be able to get into any of these houses until Act Two.

2 - Bazaar

You'll meet two shopkeepers here. Of the two, Azim Qo'toth will give you better prices than Mother Feodorra. He'll also stock some basic offensive spells, like Fireball and Lightning Bolt, that Safiya doesn't start with in her spellbook.

Later, after visiting the Veil Theater (Exit B), you'll meet Efrem the Stag and Susah the Crow at the edge of the bazaar. They'll tell you that their sister Kaelyn the Dove has gone missing, but that she might be in Shadow Mulsantir searching for the Death God's Vault. Then they'll make you a deal: if you can find Kaelyn, then they'll help you in your battle against Okku and his spirit army. Efrem and Susah won't have any idea how to reach Shadow Mulsantir, but you can get that information from Sheva Whitefeather (#6), or you can just head to the nearest shadow portal (Exit D).

After locating Kaelyn (you'll find her in Shadow Mulsantir as expected), when you return to the bazaar, you'll have to make a decision. If you hold Kaelyn's siblings to their deal, then you'll lose influence with Kaelyn, but Efrem and Susah will help you in the battle against Okku. If you release the siblings from their promise, then you'll gain influence with Kaelyn, and Efrem will give you Efrem's Stag Helm. Either way, you'll also receive 2000 experience points.

3 - Gate

This gate will remain closed until you've entered the Veil Theater (Exit B).

4 - The Sloop

There are several people you can talk to in the Sloop, including Vladek the owner, his wife Zorah, and a pair of actors, but there are only two encounters of any consequence.

Near the center of the tavern you'll meet Fyldrin of the Elven Chairs and his pirate crew. If you have Safiya with you, then Fyldrin will recognize her as a Thayan, and no matter what you say, he'll attack you. If Safiya isn't in your party, then the pirates will ignore you, so you might as well bring her along and start a fight. On the corpses of the pirates, you'll find some gold and a suit of Deep Guardian's Plate.

On the western side of the tavern you'll once again run into Shelvedar Nuum, the unfortunate merchant you last saw while he was stuck in the mud at Mulsantir Gate. Shelvedar won't have much to say or anything to sell, but if you go through the shadow portal in the tavern's only suite, you'll run into a group of shadowmaters at the Shadow Mulsantir docks. The shadowmasters will attack you, and when they die they'll drop some gold, a Brown Dragon Shield, and a letter incriminating Shelvedar as a spy.

Note: You'll have to fight the shadowmasters no matter what, but if you manage to bluff them first, you'll earn 200 experience points.

When you return with this information to Shelvedar, you'll be given some options for what to do. Most of the options will end up causing Shelvedar and his men to attack you, and for that case you'll receive 3500 experience points and a Triune Shield from the witches (#6) when you tell them what happened. You can also sell the incriminating letter to Shelvedar for 3000 gold pieces, which will gain you some influence with Gann, or forgive Shelvedar for his actions and let him go, which will gain you some influence with Kaelyn. For those latter two cases, you'll also receive 3250 experience points.

You can also loot some of the rooms in the tavern. The regular rooms will only have regular +2/+3 items, but in the suite you can pick up an Axe of the Culling and a Crossbow of Murder.

When you try to leave the tavern, if you've done any fighting, then Zorah will attempt to make you pay for the damages. The first time this happens, you might be able to use a skill check to avoid paying the fee, but after that you'll be on the hook for the amount.

Note: If you have to pay Zorah, then you can use Sleight of Hand to get your money back (albeit slowly).

5 - Witchboat

In Act Two you'll be able to use the witchboat to sail to Ashenwood, but for now you won't be able to do anything with it.

6 - Temple of the Three

You'll meet three witches here: Sheva Whitefeather, Kazimika Vadoi, and Katya. Sheva will give you some background information, including pointing you towards the shadow portals in the city (Exit D), Kazimika will insult you as much as possible, and Katya will act as a shopkeeper.

7 - Temple of Kelemvor

You'll meet two people of interest inside the temple: Yusev and Darovik. Yusev is an acolyte at the temple. He'll tell you that his studies haven't gone very well because he wants to be a necromancer but Kelemvor abhors such things. If you ask him why he wants to study necromancy and then tell him about the False and the Faithless, you can convince him to leave Kelemvor's service or to give up his quest to become a necromancer, and you'll earn 1500 experience points. Otherwise, Yusev might tell you that he's always on the lookout for necromantic lore, and he'll ask you to find him some. You'll discover just such an item -- the Tome of Profane Rebirth -- on the lower level of the Death God's Vault. When you give him that book, you'll receive 1500 experience points, plus a Ring of Holiness if you press him about the reward.

Darovik is the main priest at the temple. He'll give you some background information about Kelemvor, the Wall of the Faithless, and Akachi the Betrayer. This is all information that you should pay attention to, although you'll hear these stories about a dozen times during the campaign.

You can also loot several containers in the temple. Most will only contain gold, gems, or potions, but inside the two in Darovik's bedroom, you'll find The Ancient Sermon, the Ring of Holiness, and the Grey Robe of the Archmagi.

8 - Graveyard

You'll find a couple of fresh graves to loot inside the graveyard. The graves won't have anything exciting in them, but each time you loot a grave, an angry berserker spirit will appear and attack you, and the spirits will drop several essences each.

Note: You might want to wait until Act Two to loot the graves. At that point you'll have more options for dealing with spirits.

9 - Prison

Inside the prison you'll meet Tirzah the Old, who acts as the warden, plus three prisoners: Mighty Groznek, Joeb the Cutpurse, and Gann. The first two prisoners won't want anything to do with fighting spirits, but Gann, while at first seeming disinclined, will eventually agree to help, and he'll join your party. You'll receive 1000 experience points for recruiting Gann.

Note: If you're careful, and if you have the right skills (diplomacy and spellcraft), you can gain up to 35 influence with Gann in your first conversation with him.

10 - Dirt Mound

Unlike most of the containers in Mulsantir that probably won't give you anything that you really need, you'll find Boots of Hardiness +3 in this dirt mound. If you can't use them right away, then you might want to hang onto them because there's a good chance one of your future companions will need them.

  1. Exit to Mulsantir Gate.
  2. Entrance to the Veil Theater.
  3. Entrance to the Ice Troll Lodge.
  4. Shadow portal to Shadow Mulsantir. This portal will only appear at night, and you'll only see it if you have a Shadow Stone (that is, you'll only be able to go through these portals after visiting the Veil Theater at Exit B). You'll receive 2000 experience points the first time you go through one of these portals.
  5. Shadow portal. You'll only be able to reach this portal from Shadow Mulsantir. Next to it you'll discover a pile of debris that when bashed will reveal a skeleton. On the skeleton you'll find a Periapt of the Lost Witch.