Companions: Mantides



Neutral good human fighter

Starting Ability Scores:

17 STR, 14 DEX, 14 CON, 10 INT, 12 WIS, 14 CHA


You'll meet Mantides in the Black Eye Tavern in the Harbor Loop. Regardless of what you say to him, he'll offer to join your party.


Mantides will start out with Banded Mail and a Cold Iron Greatsword.


Amt Location Situation
±1 Black Eye Tavern When you approach Mantides, either talk him out of attacking the patrons who have been taunting him (+1), or encourage him to fight them (-1).
±1 Arena District When Charissa confronts Mantides after leaving the Morningstar Haven, say "Please stop belittling Mantides" (+1), or say anything else (-1).
±1 Hidden Temple of Leira When the spirit appears near the exit and asks you to leave, agree to its request (+1), or decide to continue exploring (-1).
-1 Hidden Temple of Leira After defeating Skyrim Bloodfang, break your deal with Garrett and keep the Cloak of Mysteries for yourself.
+1 Morningstar Haven Agree to an alliance with the Church of Lathander.
-1 Ebon Claws Hideout Agree to an alliance with the Ebon Claws.
-1 Massacre House During the quest Hounds in the Night, pretend to be a Night Mask.
-1 Massacre House During the quest Hounds in the Night, accept Wickers' bribe.
±1 Arena District Complete the quest Go for the Throat by using violence (+1), or by being stealthy (-1).
±1 Harbor Loop After meeting with Pentical Bleth, when Rinara asks Mantides if he's angry with her, take Rinara's side (-1), or take Mantides' side (+1).
±2 Arena District When Mantides fights Dorn in the arena, advise Mantides to let Dorn live (+2), or advise him to kill Dorn (-2).
+1 Harbor Loop During the quest Hunt for a Token, fight the lizardfolk shaman (+1).