Quest: Worth Its Weight in Gold

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Yaevinn will give you this quest when you talk to him at the Druids' Grove (#1).


Yaevinn will ask you to deliver a letter to Golan Vivaldi (in the Temple Quarter) and then return with his reply. There isn't anything tricky about this quest -- you'll just have to do some traveling -- but you'll have a couple of options for how to complete it.

If you turn on Yaevinn and deliver the letter to Vincent Meis (in the Temple Quarter) instead, then Meis will reward you with 500 experience points and 25 orens. This option will gain you some favor with the Order.

If you deliver the letter to Vivaldi as intended, then you'll receive 500 experience points, and, after leaving and re-entering Vivaldi's house, Vivaldi will give you his reply to Yaevinn. This option will gain you some favor with the Scoia'tael.

When you return to the Swamp Forest, you'll find Yaevinn at the Rebel Camp (#2). Yaevinn's response will be roughly the same regardless of what you did with the letter, but if you gave it to Meis then you'll only receive 1000 experience points, and if you gave it to Vivaldi then you'll receive 1500 experience points.

1 - Druids' Grove

2 - Rebel Camp






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