Quest: Diplomacy and Hunting

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You'll receive this quest from Vaska (#1) at the completion of the quest Reaping Time.


For this quest you'll need to kill Roland Bleinheim, who will start out in the main Salamandra base in the northern part of the Swamp Forest (#2). Vaska will suggest that you talk to the Hierophant in the Druids' Grove (#3) for some advice on how to deal with him, but you can skip this step if you want. There aren't too many really tough battles in the game, but one of them is to try and take out the Salamandra base on your own. So you might want to save your game outside of the base, and then charge in and see how it goes. But note: you'll get more experience if you complete the quest as intended.

If you talk to the Hierophant, then he'll tell you that he doesn't like the Salamandra because they use "Nature's magic" (aka Fisstech) for their own purposes, rather than keeping to the balance. He'll then make you a deal: if you can bring him some Psilocybe, then he'll lure Roland to an isolated meeting spot where you can kill him.

You'll find Psilocybe in the cave in the southern part of the Swamp Forest (#4). You might have to defeat several cockatrices to get to it, but you should find it in the southeastern part of the cave. When you give the Psilocybe to the Hierophant, he'll create a potion to entice Roland, and then he'll head south to the meeting place (#5).

The Hierophant is a slow walker, but eventually he'll reach the destination. At the same time, Roland will show up with a bunch of his men plus two kikimore warriors, and he won't be looking to talk or anything like that. When the cut scene ends, the fight will be on. You'll have the Hierophant and two wyverns on your side, and, if nothing else, they should do a good enough job of distracting Roland and his troops that the battle shouldn't be too tough.

When Roland dies, he'll drop an Encrypted Document, a Royal Letter of Safe Conduct, the scroll Werewolf's Wrath, and more. If you skipped the bit with the Hierophant and killed Roland at the Salamandra base, then the quest will end when you loot Roland's corpse, and you'll end up earning about 1000 experience points total. If you worked with the Hierophant to defeat Roland, then you'll need to talk to the Hierophant to complete the quest, and you'll earn about 6000 experience points in total. Plus, you'll still be able to go to the Salamandra base and attack it if you want.

1 - Vaska / Brickmakers' Village

2 - Salamandra Camp

3 - Hierophant / Druids' Grove

4 - Cave

5 - Meeting Place






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