Quest: A Potion for Triss

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You'll receive this quest from Vesemir in the Kaer Morhen laboratory after meditating for the first time.


Vesemir will tell you to talk to Lambert, who you'll find on the lower level of the keep (#1). Lambert in turn will tell you two of the ingredients that you'll need to brew a potion for Triss (#2): White Gull (#5) and Calcium Equum (#4). Then he'll open the door to the kitchen (#3), so that you can access the staircase behind it (Exit C) and reach the upper level. You'll find both of the ingredients on the upper level.

When you return to Lambert (now located at #2) with the first two ingredients, he'll tell you that you'll need two more things -- a Frightener's Claw (located outside in the courtyard) and Celandine -- and that you should talk to Vesemir to learn more about them.

You'll find Vesemir at the same table as Lambert. When you talk to him, he'll give you the Celandine for the potion plus a Witcher's Steel Sword (which will automatically replace your Rusty Sword) and a Studded Leather Jacket. If you exhaust all conversation options with Vesemir, then he'll also give you a Red Meteorite.

Note: When you loot the Frightener remains in the courtyard, you'll find a Frightener's Eye as well as the Frightener's Claw. The eye is a special ingredient that you'll eventually be able to use to brew the Frightener's Vision, a potion that will give you a bronze skill point.

After you've collected all of the ingredients, you'll have to meditate again to brew the potion. You can meditate at the fireplace connected to the kitchen (next to #2), or by talking to Vesemir and selecting the meditate option. The potion itself should be easy to create. Just bring up the potion screen (by pressing L), select the Potion for Triss, and then press the "mix" button. The potion will appear in your inventory once you've finished meditating.

To complete the quest, you'll need to take the potion to Triss in her room (via Exit D). To give Triss the potion, simply click on her and select the "gift" option. You'll be shown your inventory, and you'll just need to drag the Potion for Triss (in the "quest items" part of your inventory) to the hands in the center of the screen. This transaction will heal Triss, and you'll be given the option of fooling around with her before ending the Prologue.

1 - Lambert

2 - Triss

3 - Kitchen

4 - Crate

Inside this crate you'll find Calcium Equum, two Swallow potions, the book The Frightener, and more.

5 - Crate

Inside this crate you'll find two White Gull potions, the book Monstrum, and more.

  1. Exit to the courtyard.
  2. Stairs to the laboratory.
  3. Stairs between the lower and upper levels.
  4. Stairs to Triss' room.






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