Quest: Strangers in the Night

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You'll receive this quest from Haren Brogg (#1). To get Haren to talk to you, you'll either need to show him the Eternal Fire Signet Ring, which you can get from the Reverend (#2), or you'll need to bribe him with 60 orens.


Haren will tell you that drowners have been disrupting his shipments, and he'll ask you to guard his cargo (#3) during the night. You'll only have to face eight drowners (in two groups of four), so protecting the cargo shouldn't be much of a problem. But after the battle, some Scoia'tael will show up and claim that the cargo is meant for them. If you let them have it, then they'll take it and leave peaceably. If you decide that they shouldn't have the cargo, then they'll attack you, and you'll have to battle two swordsmen and two archers.

Note: The decision you make with the Scoia'tael will have ramifications later in the game. There are certain complexities as far as what exactly will happen, and how much you can affect it, but generally speaking, if you let the Scoia'tael live, then they'll kill a drug dealer named Coleman in Chapter II, and you'll miss out on some information and quests. Meanwhile, if you kill the Scoia'tael, then nothing bad will happen, so the choice seems kind of lopsided.

Another Note: If you kill the Scoia'tael, then you'll be able to ask Haren about Zoltan's friend Hoog (assuming that you learned about the friend when rescuing Zoltan), but nothing will ever come of it.

When you return to Haren, he won't care what you did with the Scoia'tael, and you'll earn 200 orens for protecting his cargo.

Note: Completing this quest is necessary for the quest The Salamander's Tail.

1 - Haren Brogg

2 - Reverend

3 - Cargo






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