Overview: Chapter V (Swamp Cemetery)

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When you first enter the Swamp Cemetery, you'll be attacked by some bloedzuigers, but then Jacques de Aldersberg, the Grand Master of the Order of the Flaming Rose, will fight his way up to you. Jacques will tell you that he knows about you from a "very trustworthy source," and that the Order is attempting to create a new world order better than the current one. He won't seem to care if you're not supporting the Order, and he'll leave after the conversation is over. But don't worry; you'll see him again.

1 - Mine

You'll encounter some kikimore workers and fleders inside the mine, and, on the southern side of the main chamber, you'll also find a Wayfarer's Stone. If you cast Igni, Igni, Aard on the stone, then you'll be teleported to a special crypt. Inside the crypt, you'll encounter lots of undead creatures, including alps, bruxae, and a wraith, and on the western side you'll discover a dwarven trunk containing a Bifunctional Fiber and Alloy Recirculator. You'll need the recirculator for the Scoia'tael version of the Armor quest.

2 - Druids' Cave

You'll find a few people of interest inside the druids' cave:
  • Cousin Corbin. He's involved in the quest Mud and Velvet.

  • Elder Druids. The two elder druids will only interact with you during the day. At that point they'll act as shopkeepers, and they'll also ask you for Fool's Parsley Leaves, White Roses, women's apparel, and gems. If you bring them any of these specific items, then they'll reward you with potions. Some of the exchanges that you can make are listed below.

  • Eldest Druid. The eldest druid will only talk to you during the day. He's the one responsible for the Bloedzuiger Contract.

  • Royal Huntsman. He'll tell you about the trophy monsters for the chapter -- "a bat-like creature" named Vesper (#6) and a bruxa named Lilly (#7). When you bring their trophies to the royal huntsman, he'll reward you with 1000 orens and 10,000 experience points each. If one of the trophies is your 10th, then he'll also offer you a Mahakaman Rune Sihill or a Moonblade.

  • Shani / Zoltan. One of your friends might end up in the cave, but they won't say anything important.

3 - Refugees' Cave

Inside this cave you'll meet Cousin Buse, who is involved in the quest Mud and Velvet.

4 - Raven's Crypt

When you enter the crypt, you'll see a treasure seeker trapped behind some fallen rocks. If you use the Aard sign on the rocks, then you'll free the treasure seeker and gain access to the rest of the crypt. You can talk to the treasure seeker if you want, but the conversation won't lead anywhere, and you'll never see him again.

Inside the crypt, you'll face a bunch of fleders and wraiths and even a basilisk, making your explorations worth a lot of experience points. You'll also discover two circles of stones (for the Igni and Quen signs), and you'll find two items involved in the Armor quest: a Piece of Armor (in a sarcophagus on the southern side) and the Remains of Raven's Armor (in Raven's tomb on the northern side). You'll also find The Book of the Full Moon inside Raven's tomb.

5 - Refugees' Cave

You'll find three things of interest inside the cave:
  • Cousin Ramerot. He's involved in the quest Mud and Velvet.

  • A Wayfarer's Stone. If you cast Aard, Igni, Aard on the stone, then you'll be transported to a special crypt. Inside the crypt, you'll encounter undead creatures and basilisks, and you'll find a Magic Formula inside Agnes of Glanville's trunk (located in the large chamber on the southern side). The formula is required for the neutral version of the Armor quest.

  • Zdenek. He's the final boxer for the Fistfight quest.

6 - Vesper

You'll encounter the trophy garkain Vesper here at night. When you kill him, he'll drop a Garkain Head, and when you take it to the royal huntsman (#2), he'll reward you with 1000 orens and 10,000 experience points.

7 - Lilly

Around this spot at night you'll encounter Lilly, the trophy bruxa. When you kill her, she'll drop a Bruxa's Head, and when you take it to the royal huntsman, he'll reward you with 1000 orens and 10,000 experience points.

8 - Circle of Mute Thunder

This circle is for the Aard sign.

9 - Refugees' Camp

You'll meet a desperate father at the camp. He'll tell you that he's in the swamp searching for his son, but this conversation won't trigger a quest. Instead, the father will update the quest Her Highness the Striga, and he's the one you should talk to for the Cemetaur Contract.

10 - Chapel

The chapel is involved in two quests: Her Highness the Striga and Armor. You won't find any enemies inside the crypt (except for the striga at dusk), but you will discover a Wayfarer's Stone on the eastern side. The stone is mainly for the Order version of the Armor quest, but if you cast Aard, Aard, Igni on it, then you'll find a Vodon Rune Stone as well as St. Gregory's Litany in the crypt connected to it.

  1. Path to Old Vizima.
  2. Path to the Old Manor.






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