Quest: Memory of a Blade

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You'll receive this quest at the start of Chapter II when Jethro mentions that the city guards found a silver sword at Thaler's house (#1).


This quest will involve you talking to a lot of people. Thaler will direct you to the Gambler at the Hairy Bear Inn (#2). The Gambler will direct you to the Gardener (#3). The Gardener will direct you to Shani (#4). Shani will direct you to Zoltan Chivay (who wanders around the quarter).

When you finally talk to Zoltan, he'll appraise your sword. His words won't be encouraging -- he'll characterize it as having "decent workmanship, not perfect" -- but the completion text for the quest will claim that your sword is of "absolutely prime quality," so take your pick for which description you like better.

At the end of the conversation, Zoltan will give you an Earth Rune and 1000 experience points, and that's how the quest will end.

1 - Thaler's House

2 - Hairy Bear Inn

3 - Gardener

4 - Shani's House






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