Overview: Chapter IV (Murky Waters)

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When you first enter the village, Dandelion will come up to you and tell you that Triss teleported him here as well. "Triss said we should stay here ‘til the princess stops dreaming of slitting your throat." He'll give you an introduction to the village, basically covering the same topics as the resolute girl from Lakeside, and at the end he'll mention that Alvin somehow ended up here as well. That last remark will trigger the quest Alvin.

Also in the village you'll meet an "old peasant woman" (wearing a white hood). She'll inform you that Dandelion convinced her to tell you about some of the local herbs, and then she'll describe to you Ginatia Petals, Berbercane Fruit, and Honeysuckle. If you talk to the woman a second time, then she'll tell you that she needs a Shawl for her daughter's wedding. If you give her a regular Shawl, then she'll teach you the formula for White Honey. You can buy a Shawl from Julian at the inn (#9).

A different "old peasant woman" (the grandma version) will tell you about creatures (like alps) if you give her food.

1 - Chief's House

Tobias Hoffman is the village chief. Usually you'll find him inside his house, but sometimes he'll wander over to his daughter Celina's house (#7). When you talk to Hoffman, he'll tell you about the trophy monsters for the chapter: Teyu the vodyanoi priest and Ureus the cemetaur. You'll find both monsters in the Fields. When you turn in their trophies, you'll receive 800 orens and 7000 experience points each.

2 - Blacksmith's House

Inside the house you'll meet the blacksmith's wife. If you compliment her cooking, then she'll give you some Pork. If you ask her about work, then she'll give you the quest Temptation.

Outside the house you'll meet the blacksmith or his son. The blacksmith will buy lots of items, including books and ingredients, and he'll forge swords. He's also involved in the quests Armor and Temptation. The blacksmith's son will act more like a typical weapon merchant, but he'll sell a lot of useful things, including runes, meteorites, and the steel sword Gwalhir.

3 - Adam's House

Adam will only appear here after you've triggered the quest The Heat of the Day (see #4).

4 - Alina's House

The first time that you enter Alina's house, you'll find Alina and Alvin inside. Alina will tell you that she and her fiancé Julian argued about whether they should keep Alvin or not, and this will trigger the quest The Heat of the Day. When you talk to Alvin, he'll tell you that he likes it in Murky Waters, which will update the quest Alvin, and you'll decide that you should talk to Julian about him.

When you leave the house, you'll run into Adam, and he'll update the quest The Heat of the Day. After the conversation ends, Adam will go to his house (#3).

5 - Baker's House

You'll find the baker inside his house. He'll buy and sell food items (including Bread for the quest Daily Bread), and if you give him some White Honey, then he'll give you a Sugardoll.

6 - Prize-Winning Cow

The cow is involved in the quest Ripples.

7 - Celina's House

You'll usually find Celina in or near her house. When you talk to her, she won't have anything nice to say about her sister Alina (#4), or about Alina's upcoming marriage to Julian (#9). "She has no concern for her younger sister. Alina doesn't deserve happiness." Then she'll offer to sleep with you if you give her a better ring than Julian gave Alina. However, any ring will work for this.

Celina is also involved in the quest The Heat of the Day, and you'll sometimes find the village chief (her father, Tobias Hoffman) in her house.

8 - Healer's House

If you spared Abigail in Chapter I, then you'll find her here. Otherwise you'll find an ordinary healer here. The healers are involved in the quests Small Problems and The Heat of the Day.

9 - Country Inn

You'll meet a few people of interest at the inn:
  • Dandelion. Provided that you've already spoken to Alvin (#4), Dandelion will greet you when you enter the inn, and he'll give you a letter from your lover (Shani or Triss), plus a Dimeritium Amulet for Alvin. After the conversation, if you talk to him again, you'll be allowed to answer the letter, and then you'll be able to take it to the Fisher King (in Lakeside) to have it delivered, but all of this appears to be optional. The letter is not a part of any quest, you won't get any experience for writing it or having it delivered, and nothing will happen because of it.

    Dandelion is also involved in a number of quests, including A Game of Dice, Identity, The Heat of the Day, and Free Elves.

  • Gambler. She'll barely bet anything, and she doesn't appear to be involved in the quest A Game of Dice.

  • Innkeepers. You'll find two innkeepers in the inn, a husband and wife team. The wife will only rent rooms; the husband will rent rooms and store items. The husband is also the one responsible for the Wyvern Contract.

  • Julian. Julain is involved in the quests Ripples and The Heat of the Day, and he's the one responsible for the Basilisk Contract. He's also a shopkeeper (for books and gifts), and if you ask him about his grandfather, you'll learn why he's one of the few people you'll meet who actually likes witchers.

  • Old Peasant. One of the old peasants will tell you about the vodyanoi. Another will tell you about nightwraiths.

  • Peasant Woman. One of the peasant women will sleep with you if you bring her a Sugardoll. You can get a Sugardoll from the baker (#5).

  • The Rock. He's a fighter in the Fistfight quest.
Outside of the inn, you'll find a notice board with five contracts on it. These contracts are handled in the Contracts section of the walkthrough.

10 - Ruins

At night, if you click on the skeleton here, you'll summon a gambling ghost. The ghost is a sharper in the quest A Game of Dice, and you might need to beat him to free Alvin (see the quest Alvin for details).

In a basket in the ruins, you can pick up some Diamond Dust and more.

11 - Corpse

You'll find an Earth Rune and more on this corpse.

12 - Broken Bridge

You'll meet Mason Harn and his son Pat here. Harn will give you the quest Small Problems.

13 - Santon

A santon is basically a figurine. The one here is involved in the quest Small Problems.

  1. Path to Lakeside.
  2. Path to the Fields.






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