Quest: The Paths of Destiny

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You'll trigger this quest when you meet Berengar in the Lakeside crypt (#1).


You'll have to follow along behind Berengar in the crypt, and assist him as he fights alps, bruxae, and eventually a wraith. Berengar will stop if he gets too far ahead, so you can take the time to explore the crypt and loot all of the remains and containers that you find.

After you've cleared out the crypt, Berengar will head to a nearby campfire (#2), and you'll be able to talk to him there. Berengar will tell you that he was forced to work with the Salamandra, much like he was apparently forced to become a witcher, but that the Salamandra didn't get any information out of him. Then he'll clam up.

Eventually, you'll meet up with the Lady of the Lake (#3). She'll talk to you about destiny, and about a vision she's had. "Destiny has entangled its threads round a witcher. His path leads into a dark future, into sadness and pain." She'll then ask you to talk to Berengar, to see if you can determine if one of you is the witcher in her vision.

When you talk to Berengar this time, he'll change his tune. He'll admit to working with the Salamandra because "they paid me well." But he'll say that he doesn't believe in destiny, and that he has no desire to be a hero. When you relay this information to the Lady of the Lake, she'll decide that you must be the witcher in her vision, and she'll promise you a gift.

You won't get the gift until after you've finished the quest The Heat of the Day. At that point, Julian (in Murky Waters) will tell you that the Fisher King (#4) would like to speak with you. The Fisher King in turn will direct you to the Lady of the Lake (now probably at #5). The Lady of the Lake will call you "the sword of destiny," and she'll give you the silver sword Aerondight so that you can fulfill that destiny. Then she'll disappear and you won't see her again.

Note: Aerondight will automatically go into the silver sword slot in your inventory. As far as we can tell, your existing silver sword will simply disappear, so you might want to sell it before meeting with the Lady.

When you attempt to leave Black Tern Island, you'll be confronted by Berengar. Just in case you didn't talk to him before, he'll once again admit to working with the Salamandra. "I wanted to tell you to your face, see that famous icy glare of yours."

You'll get two options here: to let Berengar go or to fight him. If you want to let him go, then you should say, "I won't judge you." If you want to fight him, then you should say, "Enough self-pity, traitor." Either way, you'll receive 6500 experience points, Berengar's Letter, The Book of the Full Moon, and the scroll Dagon Sap.

If you let Berengar live, then he'll go his own way for a while, but he'll hook back up with you in Chapter V and help you out in a battle. If you kill Berengar, then you'll automatically pick up Berengar's Medallion when he dies (not to mention 866 orens from his corpse), and that Chapter V battle will actually be easier.

1 - Crypt

2 - Berengar's Campfire

3 - Lady of the Lake

4 - Fisher King

5 - Dagon's Temple

  1. Boat between Lakeside and Black Tern Island.






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