Quest: Blue Eyes

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Patrick de Weyze will give you this quest when you talk to him in the New Narakort Inn (#1).


Patrick will tell you that he recently noticed a wound on his sister's neck -- which he'll speculate came from a vampire -- and that his sister subsequently disappeared from the family home. He'll describe his sister as a slim blond with azure eyes, and he'll ask you to track her down and "confirm our suspicions."

You'll find the sister, a Blue-Eyed Lass, in the House of the Night (#2). However, when you talk to her, she'll claim that she doesn't have a family, and that the brothel is her home. When you relay this conversation to Patrick, he'll scoff at the idea of his sister being in a brothel, and he'll demand that you "obtain proof."

To determine that the Blue-Eyed Lass is really Patrick's sister, you'll have to sleep with her (yes, it's tough being a witcher). To convince the lass to sleep with you, you'll have to pay her 500 orens (or 300 if you have a House of the Night Signet Ring), or you'll have to give her a Sapphire.

Note: You can get a House of the Night Signet Ring from Erkyn Blunt in the New Narakort Inn (#1). You can buy a Sapphire from a merchant in the Marketplace (#3).

When you sleep with the Blue-Eyed Lass, you'll notice bite marks on her neck, which will pretty much cement that she is Patrick's sister. Patrick, though, still won't really want to believe what's going on, and he'll insist that the vampire who bit his sister must be controlling her and forcing her to work at the brothel.

To test the validity of Patrick's claim, you'll have to talk to the Lady of the Night upstairs in the brothel. To get upstairs, you'll have to convince the bodyguard to let you pass. If you have a House of the Night Signet Ring, then showing it to him will get you through. Otherwise you'll have to bribe him with 250 orens or some Fisstech, or you'll have to tell him "Not my intention" and box him.

When you talk to the Lady of the Night, she'll tell you that the Blue-Eyed Lass wants to be here. "The girl lives like a princess here. Clients sell their estates to spend one night with her." But then the Lady of the Night will reveal that she and her sisters are vampires, and you'll have to make a choice: to sleep with them or to kill them.

Attacking the vampires basically means that you're siding with Patrick. If you sleep with the vampires, then you'll still be able to choose which side to support. That's because after the ménage-a-quatre, Patrick and his men will show up in the brothel, and they'll demand blood. If you side with Patrick here then you'll still fight the vampires, but you'll have Patrick and his men helping you. If you side with the vampires, then you'll have to fight Patrick and his men, but the vampires will help you. If you stay neutral, then everybody will turn hostile and fight each other -- and you.

If you side with Patrick, then afterwards he'll refuse to pay you, but you'll end up earning about 4500 experience points. If you side with the vampires, then you'll earn about 5500 experience points, and the Lady of the Night will pay you 200 orens. If you stay neutral, then you'll earn about 6500 experience points. Regardless, if you kill the vampires, then the Blue-Eyed Lass won't be happy with you at the end of the quest, and she'll disappear from the game.

1 - New Narakort Inn

2 - House of the Night

3 - Marketplace






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