Quest: Safe Haven

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You'll receive this quest from Zoltan Chivay (in the Temple Quarter) if you ask him about work. Zoltan will direct you to Leuvaarden at the Dike (#1).


Leuvaarden will tell you that drowners are disrupting his operations in the Swamp Forest, because they're destroying his cargo and killing his employees. He'll then ask you to take care of the problem for 400 orens.

You'll find the drowners at the landing in the Swamp Forest (#2), but only at night. You'll only have to kill a few of them, and no Scoia'tael will show up afterwards, making Leuvaarden's quest similar to but easier than Haren Brogg's quest in Chapter I.

When you return to Leuvaarden after dispatching the drowners, he'll reward you with 400 orens and 2000 experience points.

1 - Leuvaarden

2 - Landing






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