Quest: Beauty and the Beast

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Carmen will give you this quest when you talk to her in the Swamp Forest (#1).


Carmen will tell you that her lover is a werewolf, and that she's in the Swamp Forest hoping to buy a cure for him from the druids. If you agree to go to the druids for her, then she'll leave the swamp and head back to the Eager Thighs Brothel in the Temple Quarter (#2).

When you talk to the Hierophant in the Druids' Grove (#3), he'll list three ways to cure werewolves:
  1. A shirt made from 5 Fool's Parsley Leaves,
  2. A magic potion that an alchemist might know the ingredients for, or
  3. True love.
But the Hierophant will stress that you should first ensure that the werewolf is still a man at heart, or else curing him won't really change anything; he'll still be a monster even if he returns to human form.

However, when you return to Carmen (#2) to ask more about the werewolf, she won't be any help. "I'll not betray my man's identity. I'd rather he stay a werewolf." So you'll decide to wait and watch to see what happens next.

Eventually, during the quest Lock and Key, you'll run into the werewolf, and you'll discover that it is none other than Vincent Meis, the Captain of the Guard. Meis will tell you that he only preys on "the weeds of society," and you'll have to make a decision: to allow him to continue his hunt (and perhaps cure him later), or to attack him.

If you decide to attack Meis, then you'll get about 2500 experience points when he dies, and you'll find Werewolf Fur on his corpse (which will allow you to brew the potion Werewolf's Wrath). Killing Meis will botch the quest, but because of the potion it gives the much more favorable reward.

If you decide to spare Meis, then he'll run off, and you'll have to try your luck with Carmen again. This time when you talk to her you'll mention the cures, and you'll agree to bring her 5 Fool's Parsley Leaves so that she can weave a shirt for Meis. You'll find these leaves scattered around the Swamp Forest. When you have enough of them, Carmen will accept them, but she'll need time to try out the cure, and so you'll have to leave and then re-enter the Temple Quarter to talk to her again.

When you return to Carmen, you'll receive 1500 experience points, but you'll learn that the shirt didn't work, and that you'll need to try the next cure on the list. For this cure you'll need the help of an alchemist, and who better for this than your old friend Kalkstein?

You'll find Kalkstein in the mage's tower in the Swamp Forest (#4). He'll agree to make a Lycanthropy Cure for you, but when you return to pick it up, he'll tell you that you'll need to add some virgin's tears to make it complete.

There are three sources for virgin's tears: Siegfried (#5), a hospital nurse (#6), or a townswoman (in the Temple Quarter or the Trade Quarter). If you decide to go with a townswoman, then you'll need to talk to a bunch of them. Only a few select townswomen will advance the quest, and you'll need to find three of them before one will admit to being a virgin.

When you give the completed Lycanthropy Cure to Carmen, she'll take it and give it to Meis, but it won't work, and so you'll be down to the third and final cure: true love. When you ask Carmen if she loves Meis, she'll make it clear that she does, but she won't be so sure that he loves her back. When you talk to Meis (#7), he won't sound so sure, either.

To complete the quest, you'll just need to exit and re-enter the Temple Quarter and then talk to Carmen again. She'll tell you that Meis decided that he loves her more than he loves his superhuman strength, and that he appears to be human again. "He said if I care so much, maybe this love deserves a chance." At the end of the conversation, you'll earn 4500 experience points.

Note: Depending on how you decided to deal with Meis, a battle later in the game will change. At one point when you enter the New Narakort Inn (in the Trade Quarter), you'll be attacked. If you killed Meis, then you'll encounter his men there, and they'll attack you. If you let Meis live, then some Salamandra thugs will attack you, and Meis (either in human form or werewolf form, depending on if you cured him) will assist you.

1 - Carmen (Swamp Forest)

2 - Carmen (Temple Quarter)

3 - Druids' Grove

4 - Mage's Tower

5 - Siegfried

6 - Hospital

7 - Vincent Meis






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