Quest: A Lost Lamb

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Vaska (#1) will give you this quest after you've completed her earlier quest "Clay Pits."


Vaska will tell you that a boy has gone missing from the village, and she'll accuse the druids of kidnapping him to turn him into a dryad. When you talk to a druid at the Druids' Grove (#2), he'll scoff at the idea and tell you that only adults are accepted at the grove. When you talk to Morenn the dryad (also at the grove), she'll tell you that only girls are made into dryads, and so something else must have happened to the boy.

When you relay this information to Vaska, she'll decide that "the boy is gone -- a warning to us all," but you'll offer to keep looking for him. However, try as you might, you won't be able to find the boy until Chapter III when you're given the quest Reaping Time. At that point you'll find the boy in the cave in the southern part of the Swamp Forest (#3), along with some other brickmakers that you're supposed to rescue.

After talking to the boy, when you return to Vaska, she'll reward you with 2000 experience points.

Note: We're not sure if this was the case before, but in the Enhanced Edition you have to turn in the quest before completing Reaping Time or else you'll fail the quest.

1 - Vaska / Brickmakers' Village

2 - Druids' Grove

3 - Cave






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