Overview: Chapter II (Sewers)

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You'll only get to explore the western half of the Sewers in Chapter II. You'll have to wait until Chapter III to see the rest.

1 - Drop-Down Point

If you drop down into the sewers from the Vizima prison (located in the Temple Quarter), then this is where you'll start out.

2 - Debris

You'll need to use the Aard sign to disperse the debris here.

3 - Knight's Corpse

On the corpse here you'll find a key and a Letter for Knight Eric. The letter discusses the Lionhead Spider Cult, and the key will open up the door to their lair (#5).

4 - Cockatrice

The cockatrice will show up in one of these two spots (whichever one you visit first). When you kill it, the cockatrice will drop a Cockatrice Head, which you should take to Vincent Meis (in the Temple Quarter) for a reward, and a Cockatrice Feather, which you should save for a later contract quest.

5 - Cultist's Crypt

This crypt is purely optional. Perhaps at one point the Lionhead Spider Cult was going to play a role in the game, but if so, their quests were removed. To get into the crypt, you'll need the key from the dead knight (#3). Inside, you'll find lots of Lionhead Spider Cultists to kill, but not much in the way of loot. In one trunk (on the western side), you'll find some high quality alcohol and ingredients, and in another trunk (in the center), you'll find a Diamond and some jewelry. You can also visit shrines for Aard and Igni in the crypt, but they won't really help you unless you missed the shrines in the Prologue and Chapter I.

6 - Crypt

This is the crypt for the quest Finders Keepers. You won't be able to enter it until you've picked up the quest.

7 - Locked Gate

This gate will unlock at some point during Chapter II, but we don't know what the trigger is.

8 - Bandits

At some point a pair of bandits will appear here. They'll claim they're "rat catchers," but you won't be able to do anything with them until Chapter III.

9 - Locked Gate

You won't be able to move past this gate until Chapter III.

  1. Stairs to the Temple Quarter. The door leading to the stairs won't open until you've killed the cockatrice (#4).






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