Quest: A Most Uncommon Wine

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You'll receive this quest from Conrad at the Hairy Bear Inn (#1). He'll only show up there at night.


Conrad will disparage the wine at the Hairy Bear -- calling it, among other things, "diluted dog's piss" -- but then he'll tell you that he knows where to find a great wine. The only problem is that this wine is in a haunted house (#2), and so you'll need to kill some things that go bump-in-the-night to get to it.

Conrad's haunted house is the same as Coleman's haunted house from the quest The Rat. The difference is that while Coleman's ghosts are on the main floor of the house, the wine and the four graveirs guarding it are in the basement, and so you might need to fight through everything to get it.

When you pick up the 3 bottles of Very Old Wine, you'll receive 500 experience points. Then when you return to Conrad, he'll claim that he drank away all of his money, but he'll allow you to keep two of the bottles for yourself. This will give you a choice: to keep all of the bottles or to give one to Conrad. It doesn't really matter which you choose. Either way, you'll earn an extra 1500 experience points for completing the quest.

1 - Hairy Bear Inn

2 - Haunted House






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