Quest: Secret Garden

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Odo will give you this quest when you talk to him in his house (#1). To get Odo to talk to you, you'll either need to show him the Eternal Fire Signet Ring, which you can get from the Reverend (#2), or you'll need to beat him in the drinking game using Temerian Rye.


Odo will tell you that he has a "gardening problem," and when you negotiate a fair price with him, you'll get drunk. No matter what time it was when you arrived, it will be midnight when you leave, and two echinopsae will immediately start attacking you.

When you're drunk, you move faster if you have your weapon drawn, so immediately draw your sword and charge at an echinops. If you don't have the Enhanced Edition (version 1.4), then clicking on an echinops won't cause Geralt to run up and attack it; he'll just stand there and get pelted by its attacks. So you'll manually have to move him next to an echinops so he can attack it. After dealing with the two echinopsae, when you return to Odo, he'll reward you with 100 orens.

"I told you not to slay monsters while drunk at night. But you insisted. You frighten me."

Note: Completing this quest is necessary for the quest The Salamander's Tail.






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