Quest: A Posh Reception

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Triss will give you this quest when you talk to her in her house (#1) at the start of the chapter.


Triss will tell you that Leuvaarden is throwing a party at the New Narakort Inn (#2), and that you're invited to attend. You won't be exactly enthusiastic about the idea, but then Triss will mention that she'll be there, and you'll agree to go.

You'll find the party in the upstairs part of the inn. The security guard downstairs will only allow you to go up during the night. When you finally do get upstairs, you'll find Triss waiting for you, and she'll escort you into the party. "C'mon, Geralt, this isn't so bad. Let's mingle."

To start off, you'll need to talk to the main guests at the party: Leuvaarden, Princess Adda, Thaler and Velerad. Triss will keep these conversations short, so nothing much will happen. But then Triss will wander off to talk to Leuvaarden, and you'll be able to get down to business.

First you should talk to Velerad. When you ask him about Adda and whether she has recovered from her curse, he'll dither for a bit, but then he'll announce (in a line that pretty much embodies the attitude of the entire game), "She needs a man to give her a proper lay."

With this insight in hand, you should next talk to Adda. She'll spend some time describing how politics is like sex, but when you ask her what the King's stance is on politics, she'll announce that she's hungry, and she'll ask you to bring her "what I most desire."

Note: There are a few places where you can upset Adda (by being rude or dismissive, or by mentioning Triss) during your conversation with her. If Adda gets mad, then she'll leave the party, and you'll skip to the very end of the quest. If you play along with Adda, then you'll get to sleep with her.

To learn what Adda's fondest desire is, at least with food, you'll need to talk to Velerad again. He'll only answer you if you bring him some vodka, but that shouldn't be much of a problem because you'll find vodka all over the place on the upper floor of the inn. However, Velerad won't be much help. Once he's gotten his drink from you, he'll just mention that Adda has a "penchant for raw meat" and he'll direct you to Thaler.

Thaler, of course, will have his own task for you to complete. He'll ask you to steal the Mysterious Note from the crate in the bedroom next door. When you click on the crate, a merchant will stumble into the room and catch you in the act, but no matter what you say to him, he'll decide that discretion is the better part of valor, and he'll leave.

Note: One of the dialogue options with the merchant will allow you to play the drinking game with him. The merchant will only accept weak beers, but if you beat him then he'll just leave, which is what he'd do anyway.

Another Note: Be sure to read the note, since it contains a clue about what's going on in Vizima. Plus, it has the postscript "Take care of the witcher."

When you give the note to Thaler, he'll tell you that Adda likes something called Catoblepas Meat. You won't have any idea about where to find this meat, and so you'll immediately think of Triss. Triss will agree to conjure up a steak for you, but you'll have to talk to her twice to get it.

When you give the Catoblepas Meat to Adda, she'll retire to her "alcove" (the bedroom where you picked up the note for Thaler). When you meet her there, you'll be given a choice: to make her answer your question, or to have sex with her. If you choose the former, then she'll give you a somewhat ominous answer: "King Foltest treats me like a child, and children dare not dabble in politics. Soon he'll see how blind he was."

At the conclusion of the rendezvous, Triss will come up to you and tell you to meet with Leuvaarden. Leuvaarden will tell you that the Salamanders have two bases of operation -- one in the Swamp Forest and one in the Temple Quarter -- that they're using to produce Fisstech, and he'll ask you to deal with them. This will result in you receiving three new quests: Following the Thread, Lock and Key, and Reaping Time. Leuvaarden will also give you the scroll Formula for White Raffard's Decoction.

1 - Triss' House

2 - New Narakort Inn






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