Quest: Echoes of Yesterday

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You'll receive this quest from Yaevinn in the Swamp Forest (#1), provided that you have not yet triggered the quest Gold Rush.


Yaevinn will tell you that he sent a group of his men into the Sewers to search for the elven ruins where Lara Dorren once stayed (if you don't know who Lara Dorren is, then you can ask Yaevinn about her, and he'll be happy to educate you).

When you approach the ruins (#2), you'll find a dwarf named Ren Grouver, plus a couple of elves, waiting out front. Grouver will tell you that some "thing" attacked his men in the ruins, and that the ones you see now are the only ones who survived.

Inside the ruins, you'll encounter a bruxa and perhaps some other undead creatures. The bruxa shouldn't be too tough to kill, and when it dies, Grouver will enter the ruins and talk to you again, and then Yaevinn will appear via the nearby portal. Neither of them will seem disappointed that you didn't find any elven artifacts, and Yaevinn will tell you to forget what you saw here. But in all, you'll earn 300 orens and about 7000 experience points, making the quest worthwhile.

Note: If you've already finished A Posh Reception, then you won't be able to complete this quest and Siegfried's quest Six Feet Under. You'll have to choose one or the other.

1 - Yaevinn / Druids' Grove

2 - Elven Ruins






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