Quest: The Flame that Cleanses

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If you decided to support the Order, then Zoltan Chivay will give you this quest at the Vizima Dike at the start of Chapter V.


Zoltan will tell you that the Order is slaughtering civilians in Old Vizima, and you'll decide to check out the situation. When you finally arrive there, you'll be greeted by White Rayla (#1), who will brag that she's killed 20 Squirrels, and that earlier she captured Toruviel and handed her over to be hung. She'll also mention that Siegfried would like to see you in the field hospital (#2).

Before you can go to the hospital, you'll have to match White Rayla's kill count. To do this, you'll have to pick up Squirrel Puffs from dead Scoia'tael soldiers. This shouldn't be much of a problem, since puffs can be found on every Scoia'tael corpse, and you'll find plenty of corpses in the quarter (especially near the hospital). Really, the only challenge will be to kill the Scoia'tael soldiers quickly enough so that you'll have a few moments here and there to loot the corpses. If you built up the Igni sign, this is a good place to use it.

Inside the hospital, you'll meet up with Shani and Siegfried, but before you can say much to them, a soldier will burst into the room and tell you that a striga has been spotted at the tower (#3), and you'll have to rush off to take care of it.

After returning from the tower, you'll once again try to talk to Shani, but once again you'll be interrupted. This time some Scoia'tael soldiers will barge into the hospital, intent upon slaying all of the wounded humans. You won't need to defend anybody, including Shani, so just draw your steel sword and switch to the group style, and then whack away.

"They wanted to slay the wounded. How can anyone fall so low?!"

After the battle, when you leave the hospital, you'll encounter some Scoia'tael soldiers threatening White Rayla. After dispatching the soldiers, White Rayla will thank you for coming to her aid, and then she'll walk over to the Order command post (#4). This is where you can sleep with her if you want.

When you leave the command post, you'll learn that White Rayla has become trapped in the barricades, and you and Siegfried will decide to rescue her. To get to White Rayla, you'll need to defeat several Scoia'tael soldiers and then destroy a barricade (#5) using the Aard sign. White Rayla will join you at that point, but after destroying the next barricade (#6) and defeating the Scoia'tael soldiers behind it, White Rayla will get assassinated by Yaevinn, and you and Seigefried will move on to the Swamp Cemetery, where the quest will come to an end.

Note: If you have trouble spotting the barricades, they're never on fire, and they always contain a wagon wheel.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Field Hospital

3 - Tower

4 - Order Command Post

5 - First Barricade

6 - Second Barricade






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