Quest: Sweet Revenge

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Technically, you can pick up this quest in Chapter IV, if you tell Dandelion about Berengar's Letter while he's standing next to the Fisher King's boat in Lakeside. But most people will probably trigger this quest when they arrive at the Vizima Dike at the start of Chapter V.


Your goal in this quest is to finally track down and kill Azar Javed, so that you can end the Salamandra threat once and for all. When you meet with this king early in the chapter, he'll even give you permission to do this. "Velerad said you thinned their ranks considerably. I trust you shall finish the matter."

After dealing with the striga in the quest Her Highness the Striga, Velerad will give you a clue about where to go. He'll tell you, "If you want to cure the disease, you must go to the Old Manor." However, when you arrive there, you'll be stopped by Count de Wett (#1), who will proudly admit that he's been working with the Salamandra, and you'll have to kill him before continuing.

As you make your way through the Old Manor and the Catacombs, you'll encounter an assortment of strange creatures, mostly mutated, including Mutated Rayla (#2) and a spider-like creature called Koschey (#3). But eventually you'll reach Azar Javed himself (#4), and you'll finally get to fight him.

The battle with Javed should be tough. Like the Koschey, Javed will knock you down and cause pain, and so you might find yourself defenseless for long stretches of time. But if you whack at him with your steel sword and the strong style, and if you occasionally hit him with a sign (such as Igni), he should eventually go down.

After the battle, when you click on the mirror in Azar Javed's laboratory (#4), you'll learn that the Grand Master of the Order of the Flaming Rose is the person behind everything, and you'll decide to seek him out. To get to him, you'll have to take the boat (#5) back to Vizima, and doing so will end the quest as well as the chapter.

1 - Count de Wett

2 - Mutated Rayla

3 - Koschey

4 - Azar Javed's Laboratory

5 - Boat

  1. Possible entrance into the Catacombs.
  2. Possible entrance into the Catacombs.
  3. Possible entrance into the Catacombs.






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