Quest: Free Elves

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After completing the quest The Paths of Destiny, when you return to Lakeside, you'll be greeted by White Rayla, an elf commander in the Order of the Flaming Rose. She'll tell you that Toruviel and the Scoia'tael have taken hostages in Murky Waters, and that the Order plans to attack them soon. This conversation will trigger the quest.


Rayla will make it clear that she is after the elves and the villagers, because the villagers traded with the elves, making them guilty of "treason." However, she'll let you know that if the elves lay down their arms, then she'll make sure everybody gets a fair trial before they're hung.

When you enter Murky Waters, you'll encounter Dandelion. He'll tell you that Alvin is one of the hostages, and then he'll head to a hiding place behind Celina's house (#1) and await your orders.

At the northern part of Murky Waters (#2), you'll find the Scoia'tael and the hostages. You'll need to talk to Alvin and Toruviel (and perhaps others) here, but it won't really matter what you say to them. The decision will come when you talk to Dandelion again.

There are three sides you can take in the matter -- the Order, the Scoia'tael, or neither -- and depending on who you supported in the quest Gold Rush, you'll be able to choose between two of them (the side you picked before, plus neither). When Dandelion mentions that "this feels like a pivotal moment," you won't be able to go back. Whichever side you support here is also the side that you'll have to support in Chapter V.

Regardless of the side you pick, when the fighting starts up, Alvin will disappear. Then you'll have the option of joining the fray. You'll won't get a lot of experience for the soldiers you kill, and you won't find much other than some orens on their corpses, so you might just want to let the Order and Scoia'tael kill each other, and head for Lakeside instead.

When you get there, you'll find Dandelion next to the Fisher King's boat. When you talk to him you'll end the quest (and the chapter) and you'll head back to Vizima. You'll also encounter White Rayla next to the bridge leading to the boat. If you talk to her, then you'll learn that she was relieved of her command, and that someone else led the Order attack against Murky Waters.

1 - Dandelion

2 - Scoia'tael






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