Quest: Following the Thread

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Leuvaarden will give you this quest at the end of the quest A Posh Reception.


Leuvaarden will tell you that the Salamandra are supporting their operations by selling Fisstech, and that one of their production bases is somewhere in the Temple Quarter. He'll encourage you to talk to Jethro in the prison (#1) to learn more about it, because, really, who is likely to know more about Fisstech than Jethro?

Jethro will direct you to a drug dealer named Angus, who can be found next to the Hairy Bear Inn (#2) during the daytime. When you talk to him, if you say you want some "stuff" and then mention Kalkstein, he'll offer you a Letter of Recommendation for 1500 orens. If you say something else, then he'll flee the scene and run to his house (#3). When you enter the house after him, he'll attack you, and you'll find the Letter of Recommendation, plus a key and a random signet ring, on his corpse.

Picking up the letter (one way or the other) will update the quest. You'll suddenly realize that you should look for the Salamandra in the Sewers. You'll also notice a smudged word at the end of the letter: "th...n." The smudged word is the password for the base. If you want to learn what it is, you'll need to talk to the innkeeper at the New Narakort Inn (in the Trade Quarter). If you ask him about his "illustrious guests" and then bribe him, he'll tell you that the word is "thorn." However, if you skip this part and head directly to the base, you'll still get "thorn" in your list of answers when the bandits ask you for the password.

You'll find the base on the northern side of the Sewers (#5). You'll encounter two bandits out front. If you have the Letter of Recommendation from Angus, then you'll be able to tell the bandits that Angus sent you, and that will prompt them to ask you for the password. If you get the password right, then they'll usher you inside, and you'll get a chance to snoop around for a while before you're discovered. If you get the password wrong, then the bandits out front will attack you, and the bandits inside will attack you as soon as you go in.

You'll find a Letter from Gellert Bleinheim on the eastern side of the base. Picking it up will cause the assassins in the base to go hostile, if they weren't hostile already. When you fight your way back to the entrance of the base, you'll find some city guards there, and when you exit the base you'll find Jethro waiting for you. Telling him about the letter will complete the quest and earn you 100 orens and 3000 experience points. It will also trigger a new quest: The Viziman Connection.

Note: If you take the non-violent approach to enter the base, then in a back room you'll find the chief chemist sleeping on the ground. If you promise not to tell the guards, then he'll give you the scroll Petri's Philter Formula.

1 - Prison

2 - Hairy Bear Inn

3 - Angus' House

4 - Drop-Down Point

5 - Salamandra Base

  1. Gate between the Temple Quarter and the Sewers.
  2. Grate leading to the Sewers. Going through the grate will drop you into the Sewers (#4). This is a one-way trip.






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