Quest: Daily Bread

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Toruviel (#1) will give you this quest when you talk to her.


Toruviel will tell you that the elves are basically starving, but that the humans in Murky Waters won't deal with them. She'll then give you 20 orens so that you can purchase five loaves of Bread from the baker (#2).

When you reach Murky Waters, you'll discover that Bread loaves are selling for 5 orens each. This will give you the option of only picking up four loaves instead of five. You can buy the loaves from the baker, and you can also find four loaves inside his house. It doesn't matter whether you buy the loaves or find them.

When you return to Toruviel, if you give her four loaves of Bread, then you'll receive 7000 experience points. If you give her five loaves, then you'll receive 8000 experience points. As far as we can tell, this decision won't impact anything later on in the campaign.

1 - Toruviel / Elf Camp

2 - Baker's House

  1. Path between Lakeside and Murky Waters.






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