Quest: Buried Memories

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You'll receive this quest from Mikul (#1). To get Mikul to talk to you, you'll either need to show him the Eternal Fire Signet Ring, which you can get from the Reverend (#2), or you'll need to bribe him with 15 orens.


Mikul will ask you to kill the "dead'uns" (aka ghouls) in the crypt to the east (#3), and he'll give you a key so that you can get in. The crypt is much darker than the caves around the village, and so you should quaff a Cat potion before going in. A Swallow potion and some Necrophage Oil might prove useful as well.

Inside the cave you'll find a girl and a Glass Vial. The girl killed herself using the poison from the vial, and that's what is drawing the ghouls to the crypt. Eventually you'll learn that the girl is Ilsa, Mikul's girlfriend, and that she got the poison from Abigail (#4).

To complete Mikul's quest, you'll need to kill the six ghouls in the front part of the crypt. You'll find them in two groups of three. If you move slowly, you can sometimes draw one of the ghouls to you without alerting the others, but otherwise you'll have to fight them three at a time, which can be tough -- and which is why we recommend that you prepare yourself with some potions and oils first.

After killing the ghouls, when you return to Mikul, you'll be ambushed by some Salamandra lackeys (and perhaps an armored hound), but Mikul and the gate guards will assist you, and so the battle shouldn't be too difficult to win. When you report to Mikul that you've removed the ghouls from the crypt, he'll reward you with 200 orens.

Note: Completing this quest is necessary for the quest The Salamander's Tail.






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