Quest: Hot Potato

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Haren Brogg will give you this quest after you've completed his other quest Strangers in the Night.


Haren will ask you to deliver a Bandit's Package to a man named Coleman at the Hairy Bear Inn (#1) in the Vizima Temple Quarter. However, when you try to enter the city, you'll get arrested, and when you finally re-acquire your belongings, you'll discover that the city guards confiscated the package (calling it a "bandit's package" probably wasn't a great idea), and that they won't give it back.

When you relay this information to Coleman, he won't really seem to care, and he'll let you off the hook, provided that you promise never to make any more deliveries for him. Paying Coleman 100 orens for the package won't change anything (he'll just laugh at you), but if you tell him to "forget it," then he'll get angry, and you'll have to fend off a bandit attack the next time you visit the inn at night. But after that he'll forgive and forget. "Come on, no hard feelings. We're pals, right?"

Note: If Coleman dies before you can tell him about the package, then you won't be able to complete this quest or go on Coleman's other quests. To prevent Coleman from dying, you should deal with him before meeting with Raymond Maarloeve (#2).

1 - Hairy Bear Inn

2 - Raymond Maarloeve's House






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