Quest: Reaping Time

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Leuvaarden will give you this quest at the end of the quest A Posh Reception.


Leuvaarden will tell you that the Salamandra have set up a Fisstech operation in the Swamp Forest, and he'll suggest that you talk to Vaska (#1) to learn more about it. Vaska will tell you that the Salamandra are forcing the brickmakers to pick herbs for them, and that they've separated the brickmakers into three groups (#2, #3, #4). She'll also inform you that the Salamandra are being led by a man named Roland Bleinheim, but you won't have to worry about him until the next quest. For this quest you'll just need to rescue the brickmakers.

Each Salamandra camp is about the same. You'll find some brickmakers, plus an overseer and three helpers. To free the brickmakers, you'll just need to kill the overseer and the helpers, which should be fairly easy using a steel sword and the group style. After the battle, the brickmakers will talk to you and then automatically head back to the Brickmakers' Village.

Note: In the cave (#2), a boy should come up to you, and talking to him will rescue him as well. This is required for the quest A Lost Lamb.

After freeing all three groups of brickmakers, when you return to Vaska, she'll give you a two-part reward. The first part is the good part: 2000 experience points and the book Hymns of Madness and Despair. The other part? "I bestow upon you the Water Lords' blessing. You may bathe in the holy waters of the swamp and rejoice." Oh, boy!

1 - Vaska / Brickmakers' Village

2 - Salamandra Camp / Cave

3 - Salamandra Camp

4 - Salamandra Camp






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