Quest: Finders Keepers

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You might notice a "con artist" walking the streets of the Temple Quarter near Raymond Maarloeve's house (#1). When you talk to him, he'll give you a quest.


The con artist will tell you that he hid some family heirlooms in a crypt in the sewers, but that he can't get to them now because some undead creatures have taken up residence in the area. He'll then give you the key to the crypt, which is located on the northern side of the Sewers, right next to the entrance (#2).

Inside the crypt, you'll have to battle several graveirs and ghouls, but you'll find the Family Ring (plus over 100 orens) in a crate on the northern side. When you pick up the ring, you'll gain 500 experience points.

To complete the quest, you'll need to deliver the ring to the con artist. You'll find him at the entrance to the sewers (Exit A on the Temple Quarter side), but he'll only show up early in the morning (around 7 am). When you make the exchange, you'll learn that the con artist stole the ring, but what else would you expect given his name? You'll also receive 2000 experience points.

1 - Raymond Maarloeve's House

2 - Crypt

  1. Entrance to the Sewers.






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