Quest: Fistfight
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You'll receive this quest when you challenge Fat Fred to a fight inside the country inn in the Outskirts of Vizima.


This quest will last you for most of the campaign. During each chapter you'll meet a new opponent to batter, and you'll get some sort of reward for beating him. Listed below are the boxers you'll face and what you'll get for defeating them:
  • Fat Fred at the country inn in the Outskirts of Vizima (Chapter I). It will cost you 25 orens to face him, but when you beat him you'll receive one bottle of Zerrikanian Spirit plus some food items, or a Gold Diamond Ring, or 100 orens.

  • Butter Bean in the Hairy Bear Inn in the Temple Quarter (Chapter II). It will cost you 75 orens to challenge him, but when you win he'll give you two bottles of Mandrake Cordial, or a Gold Necklace, or 150 orens.

  • Andrew Gablodda in the New Narakort Inn in the Trade Quarter (Chapter III). It will cost you 200 orens to box with Gablodda, but when you win you'll receive a Red Meteorite plus a Svarog Rune Stone, or an Earth Rune plus a Svarog Rune Stone, or 300 orens.

  • The Rock in the country inn in Murky Waters (Chapter IV). You'll have to pay 500 orens to fight with the Rock, but when you beat him you'll receive a Yellow Meteorite, or a Moon Rune, or 500 orens.

  • Zdenek in the southern refugees' cave in the Swamp Cemetery (Chapter V). You won't have to pay anything to fight Zdenek, but once you've beaten him, you'll learn that he's not quite as undefeated as people have said. Zdenek will tell you that he always gets a rematch, and that nobody has ever beaten him twice. To fight him a second time, you'll just need to exit and then re-enter the cave. Zdenek will hit about twice as hard in the second fight, but he should still be a pushover, and after beating him you'll receive 11,000 experience points plus a Famous Fist Fighter's Tooth (which you can use in the quest Won't Hurt a Bit).
Note: Boxing is pretty easy. You don't need to block, and you don't need to spend talents on any of the boxing upgrades. Just punch your opponent each time he winds up to hit you. You'll damage him and disrupt his attack. If you get the timing down, then you won't take any damage at all in your fights. And even if your opponent manages to land some punches, you should do way more damage to him than he does to you, and so you should win anyway.






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