Quest: Small Problems

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Mason Harn (#1) will give you this quest when you ask him about witcher work.


Harn will tell you that he's been trying to repair the bridge here, but that all of the work he does during the day is undone by griggs at night. He'll then suggest that you talk to the healer / Abigail (#2) to learn more about griggs.

The healer / Abigail will tell you that a "truly evil and vicious" tribe of griggs stole a Cat Harness from the bridge griggs, and that you'll need to recover it to make them happy. You'll find the harness in a santon in the crypt in the Fields.

When you bring the harness to the healer / Abigail, she'll tell you to take it to the santon next to the bridge (#3). When you do so, you'll receive 2000 experience points and a Four-Leaf Clover. The clover symbolizes the friendship of the griggs, so when you give it to Harn, you'll complete the quest, and he'll offer you one of three rewards: the help of his son Pat when you're in the Fields, the book Specters, Wraiths, and the Damned, or 400 orens. You'll also receive 4000 more experience points.

Note: For some reason you can use strong alcohol instead of the Cat Harness at the santon. So if you want to skip going to the crypt in the Fields, you can.

Another Note: You'll never see the bridge completed.

1 - Mason Harn / Broken Bridge

2 - Healer's House

3 - Santon






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