Quest: The Source

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Triss will give you this quest when you talk to her in her house (#1) at the start of the chapter.


Triss will tell you that there's a magic anomaly somewhere in the city, and she'll ask you to place three Magic Sensors in specific places so that she can figure out where the anomaly is coming from. You won't have to fight anything or do anything complicated to place the sensors; you'll just have to walk to three "reliefs" and put the sensors inside.

Here's where you'll find the reliefs:
Once you've placed the sensors, when you return to Triss (either at her house or at the New Narakort Inn, #5), she'll tell you that she's discovered the source of the anomaly -- the boy Alvin, who you might remember from Chapter I. Apparently, Elder Blood runs through Alvin's veins, and if he's not taught how to control it, his powers might turn destructive.

Triss will then tell you that Alvin is staying at the hospital in the Temple Quarter (#6), but that Shani is getting in the way, and she'll ask you to deal with Shani and bring Alvin to her. To help you out, Triss will give you the scroll Formula for De Vries' Extract, which will allow you to see invisible enemies. (Of course, there aren't any invisible enemies in the game -- they must have been cut at some point during the game's development -- but it's the thought that counts, right?) Then when you enter the Temple Quarter, a similar scene will play out with Shani, except that she'll deride "that hag" Triss, and she'll ask you to bring Alvin to her instead.

However, when you reach the hospital, you'll find Dandelion there instead of Alvin. Dandelion will tell you that he saw two men dragging Alvin to a house in the non-human district (#7), and he'll race ahead of you to show you the way.

Note: If you want to, you can skip the scene in the hospital and head straight for the kidnappers' house.

Inside the house, you'll find four assassins with Alvin. After dispatching the assassins, Dandelion will come in and ask you where he should take the boy. You'll have two choices: Shani (#8) or Triss (#1). This decision won't make a lot of difference in the game (it'll only change small bits in Chapter IV and the Epilogue), so choose whichever woman you like best. After Dandelion leaves, four more assassins will attack you, but they shouldn't cause you any problems.

To complete the quest, you'll need to deliver some messages to Shani and Triss, starting with whichever one you sent Alvin to. At some point during this time, Dandelion will show up, and he'll drag you and Zoltan to an inn so that the three of you can discuss your "cognitive dissonance" and get drunk (and perhaps visit a brothel), but nothing will come of this encounter. It won't even update your Identity quest.

Regardless of where you sent Alvin, the quest will end with you talking to Triss, and you'll receive 4000 experience points for your efforts. You'll also be given the opportunity to sleep with the woman you sent Alvin to (the other woman won't want anything to do with you).

"You sold out the city for a redhead?! Get out of here before I turn you into the pig you are."

1 - Triss' House

2 - Trade Quarter Relief

3 - Temple Quarter Relief

4 - Cemetery Relief

5 - New Narakort Inn

6 - Hospital

7 - Kidnappers' House

8 - Shani's House

  1. Gate between the Temple Quarter and the Trade Quarter.






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