Quest: Wanted
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You'll receive this quest when you read the Professor's Arrest Warrant, which you'll find on the notice board outside of the inn in the Outskirts of Vizima.


Nothing much will happen in this quest until Chapter II. At that point, you'll learn from Jethro at the prison (in the Temple Quarter) that somebody other than the King was responsible for the Arrest Warrant, and that somebody is offering money for Salamander Brooches. You'll speculate that these two people might be the same.

After the conversation with Jethro, if you go to the Hairy Bear Inn (in the Temple Quarter) in the evening, then you'll find a Messenger at the bar. If you ask him who's buying the brooches and beat him in the drinking game (weak alcohol works), then he'll tell you that he works for Leuvaarden, who can be found at the Dike.

Leuvaarden will offer you 600 orens for three Salamander Brooches. If you don't have enough brooches yet, then just be patient. Salamandra thugs will attack you every so often, especially if you wander around the Temple Quarter at night. Selling the brooches to Leuvaarden will cause him to reveal that he's working for a secret society that wants to destroy the Salamandra, but it will also put a temporary halt to the quest, since you'll be told to wait for Leuvaarden to make a move before you do anything.

Finally, Leuvaarden will invite you to A Posh Reception in Chapter III, and when he talks to you there he'll outline a plan to eliminate the Salamandra. After completing a few quests for him (outlined in the quest Lock and Key), you'll receive the quest The Unforgiven, and during that quest you'll finally get to fight the Professor for real. You won't get to land the killing blow yourself -- a kikimore queen will see to that -- but when the Professor dies, the quest will come to an end.






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