Quest: Mud and Velvet

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Antoinette will give you this quest when you talk to her in the Castle.


Antoinette will tell you that her three "cousins" had to leave the court in a hurry when King Foltest returned, and that she'd like to give them 300 orens each to help them on their way. If you agree to look for them, then she'll give you 900 orens.

Here's where you'll find the three cousins:
For each cousin, you'll have the option of paying him or not. Each time you pay a cousin, you'll receive 1000 experience points and a Receipt, but you'll lose 300 orens. If you don't pay a cousin, then you won't gain or lose any experience points or money.

After meeting with all three cousins, you'll need to report your success (or failure) to Jean-Pierre near the breach in the wall in Old Vizima. If you give him all three Receipts, then he'll reward you with three Dragon's Dream bombs and 6000 experience points. If you give him fewer (or no) Receipts, then he'll give you fewer (and different) bombs and less experience points, and he'll ask you for the money that you didn't spend. If you refuse to pay it, then he'll attack you. The good news about fighting Jean-Pierre is that he'll drop a Mahakaman Rune Sihill when he dies. The bad news is that he's the one responsible for the Bruxa Contract, and so killing him will break that quest if you haven't finished it yet.

1 - Refugees' Cave

2 - Druids' Cave

3 - Refugees' Cave






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