Quest: A Gravedigger's Gratitude

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You can get this quest from the Gravedigger (#1) late in Chapter II, when you try to convince him to let you into the Cemetery. You'll only get the dialogue option for this quest once you've picked up the quest Anatomy of a Crime.


The Gravedigger will tell you that he'll give you the key to the Cemetery, but only if you do one of two things: get permission from Vincent Meis (#2) or clear up his debt with Thaler (#3). Both of these options are about the same; you'll just need to prove that one of the two men is innocent (see the Suspects section for details).

However, depending on what you've said and done in the chapter, you might not get the dialogue options necessary to complete this quest, even if you can prove Meis and Thaler innocent. For that case you'll have to wait until Chapter III to enter the Cemetery (the gates will be open then), but that's basically fine. The Cemetery is optional for this chapter, and the only other quest that requires access (the Alghoul Contract) will wait until Chapter III.

If you're able to advance the quest, then after proving Meis or Thaler (or both) innocent, the Gravedigger will give you the key to the Cemetery gate (Exit A), plus the scroll Petri's Philter Formula, and you'll receive a new objective: to explore the crypt in the Cemetery (#4).

The Cemetery is a small place where you can battle a few undead creatures (mostly at night). Inside the crypt, behind a breakable wall, you'll find Raymond Maarloeve's corpse, and you'll leap to the conclusion that Azar Javed must be impersonating the detective. This insight will update a bunch of quests, including proving that all of your suspects are innocent.

To complete the quest, you'll just need to return the key to the Gravedigger. This will net you 1000 experience points, and you'll still be allowed to enter the Cemetery.

1 - Gravedigger

2 - Vincent Meis

3 - Thaler

4 - Crypt

  1. Gate between the Temple Quarter and the Cemetery.






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