Quest: The Sentry

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You'll receive this quest from Vaska (#1) when you ask her about the mage's tower (#2).


Vaska will tell you some of the history of the tower -- how a wicked woman brought down the mage, and how a Sentry golem (#3) still guards the entrance. She'll then give you a Tower Tarot Card, which she'll claim will help you defeat the Sentry. If you look at the card, then you'll see the tower being struck by lightning.

When you tell Kalkstein (in the Temple Quarter) about the card, he'll get all excited, and he'll tell you that you'll need two things to wake up the Sentry: a Lightning Rod and a thunderstorm. At the end of the conversation, he'll also give you the scroll Golem's Pith, which will allow you to create a potion out of the Sentry's heart.

Lightning Rod

For the Lightning Rod, you'll need to contact a blacksmith. The dwarven blacksmith and the Order armorer (both located in the Temple Quarter) should be able to do the job, so choose whichever one likes you better. The Lightning Rod will only cost you 50-70 orens, but it will take time for the blacksmith to produce, and so you'll have to leave and then re-enter the map area with the blacksmith to pick it up. To get the dialogue option for the Lightning Rod, you'll have to ask the blacksmith to show you his wares.


To create a thunderstorm, you'll have to talk to the Elder Druid in the Druids' Grove (#4). He'll charge you 500 orens for the service. When you pay him, he'll give you a hint for how to kill the Sentry golem. He'll mention the "stone posts" (aka pylons) next to golem, and he'll tell you that if you activate them, then they'll attract lightning.

Note: If you repeatedly meditate in the Swamp Forest, there's a chance that the weather will change on its own, and you can bypass the druids.

The Sentry

If it's currently storming in the Swamp Forest, then when you click on the Sentry golem (the big golem next to the pylons) and give it the Lightning Rod, it will wake up and attack you. The Sentry golem is tough, but it's slow and it doesn't hit especially hard, and so if you want to you can quaff a Swallow potion and then just wear it down with minor attacks from your steel sword. This strategy will take long enough that you'll probably have to quaff multiple Swallow potions to get through it.

The better way to deal with the Sentry is to use the pylons. If you activate all three pylons, then they'll call down lighting, and anything in between them (including you) will get damaged. Since the Sentry is slow, just activate a pylon, then wait for the Sentry to come to you, then run to the next one, and repeat. That will keep the Sentry in the triangle formed by the pylons, and as long as you're not inside when you activate the third one each time, you'll do a lot of damage to it while taking almost none yourself. It should only take three hits to kill the golem.

When the golem dies, you'll receive about 3000 experience points, and you'll find the Golem's Obsidian Heart and the Neh'tza Sephirah on its corpse.

1 - Vaska / Brickmakers' Village

2 - Mage's Tower

3 - Sentry Golem

4 - Elder Druid / Druids' Grove






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