Quest: The Ashes of Vizima

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You'll receive this quest at the start of the Epilogue.


"A new era dawns. An era of super humans. None will stop me!"

With those words from the Grand Master, the quest (and the Epilogue) will kick into gear. You'll start out in the Temple Quarter (#1), and you'll need to make your way to the Order Cloister (#8). Along the way, you'll meet up with King Foltest (#2) and Dandelion (#3), plus some other familiar faces.

You'll encounter lots of debris and barricades in the streets, and in a couple of places (#5 and #7) you'll have to go underground to continue. When you make it to the Cloister, you'll be greeted by a pair of unfriendly knights, and you'll have to kill them to get the key to the Grand Master's chamber. Inside the chamber, a cut scene will start up where you'll talk to the Grand Master for a bit, and then the quest will end and you'll be sent to the Ice Plains for the final quest Frozen Reflections.

1 - Starting Point

Your ally from the previous chapter (Siegfried, Triss, or Yaevinn) will appear with you here, and will follow along with you all the way to the Cloister (#8).

2 - Foltest and Radovid

3 - Dandelion

Dandelion will give you one last chance to access your storage space.

4 - Siegfried

If you're following the neutral path or the Scoia'tael path, then you'll encounter Siegfried here. If you're neutral, then you'll get a chance to talk to him, and if you tell him to "leave the civilians alone," then you'll avoid conflict. Otherwise, you'll have to fight Siegfried, plus the knights and mutants with him. Siegfried won't drop anything interesting if you kill him.

5 - Houses

Inside this house (#5), you'll meet up with several old friends, including Vivaldi, Vaska, and the Resolute Girl from Lakeside. You'll also meet a Hermit here who will tell you about the Wild Hunt, and, if you spared Vincent Meis in Chapter III, then a Novice Nun will talk to you about Carmen and how she got pregnant, and how her father, a priest of the Eternal Fire in the Outskirts of Vizima, threw her out. You'll also find some high quality alcohol in a barrel.

In the basement you might meet Vetala the ghoul (if you spared him in the quest Six Feet Under) and the Reverend (if you spared him in Chapter I). Sometimes the Reverend will appear on the main floor instead. Neither Vetala nor the Reverend will say anything noteworthy. You'll also find a crate in the basement, and from it you can take a key (which will allow you to go through the door in the basement), the scroll Zeugl Vigor, some alcohol, and more.

When you go through the door in the basement, you'll find yourself in the basement of another house (#5a), and exiting that house through the window on the main floor will take you back to the Temple Quarter.

6 - Yaevinn

If you're following the neutral path or the Order path, then you'll encounter Yaevinn here. If you're neutral, then you'll get a chance to talk to him, and if you tell him to "stop drowning the world in blood," then you'll avoid conflict. Otherwise, you'll have to fight Yaevinn and the Scoia'tael soldiers with him. Yaevinn won't drop anything interesting if you kill him.

7 - Houses

This pair of houses (#7 and #7a) will work much like the previous pair (#5 and #5a), except that instead of going through some basements to move between them, you'll make a short trek through the Sewers -- and you'll encounter a creature called the Zeugl.

Note: You might need to talk to (or kill) somebody in front of the house to get the key to the Sewers.

The Zeugl is an aquatic creature with lots of tentacles. When the fight starts up, you'll see a few of those tentacles, and once you've "killed" enough of them, the Zeugl will rise up and show itself for a brief period of time, and that's when you'll be able to damage it. You'll have to repeat this process a few times, but eventually the Zeugl will go down, and you'll find Zeugl Venom on its corpse.

The exit from the Sewers is located in the southeastern corner of the map. You'll also find a campfire and a corpse there, and the corpse will contain some high quality alcohol, so you shouldn't have any trouble using the Zeugl Venom to create a Zeugl's Vigor potion.

8 - Order Cloister

Your ally will leave you when you enter the Cloister.






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