Quest: She's No Early Bird

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You'll receive this quest when you find Vesna Hood being harassed by a group of bandits (#1). This encounter will only take place at night, and only after you've spoken to Vesna at the inn (#2).


If you don't want to deal with Vesna, then you can just ignore her plight and let the bandits kill her, or you can tell her to walk herself home, and that will be the end of it. Otherwise, you'll need to escort her to her grandmother's house (#3). Since you'll probably be doing this quest at the same time as the Eternal Fire Shrine part of the Of Monsters and Men quest, you'll likely encounter a dozen or so barghests on the way to the house, but they'll mostly focus on you rather than Vesna, and so it should not be too difficult to guide her home.

If you get Vesna home safely, then you'll earn 1000 experience points. Vesna will also suggest that you meet with her at the Old Mill (#4) sometime after sunset, and she'll add that if you bring the wine, then she'll bring the food. This rendezvous will lead to you having sex with her.

1 - Vesna Encounter

2 - Country Inn

3 - Vesna's Grandmother's House

4 - Old Mill






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