Quest: A Mysterious Tower

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Kalkstein will give you this quest when you visit him in his house (#1).


Kalkstein will tell you about "something that could prove a milestone in alchemy" -- a mage's tower in the Swamp Forest that has been locked for hundreds of years. He'll then ask you to figure out a way to get inside, and he'll suggest that you track down a pair of books that might contain information about the tower. The books are The Secret Gates and Ain Soph Aur.

You'll find both books in the possession of Vivaldi (#2). If you killed the Scoia'tael in Chapter I, then when you show up at his house, Vivaldi will get arrested, and you'll have to bail him out of prison (#3) to ask him about the books. It will cost you 200 orens to post Vivaldi's bail, but in appreciation he'll give you the books for free. If you didn't kill the Scoia'tael in Chapter I, then you'll have to spend the same amount to buy the books from him.

Note: You can also find Ain Soph Aur in Gramps' Cabin in the Swamp Forest.

When you read the books, you'll learn that you'll need to find ten cornerstones or "sephirot" to get inside the tower. When you relay this information to Kalkstein, he'll be pleased. He'll then take the books from you, but in return he'll make notes about their contents, which he'll give to you. Clicking on the notes won't show you anything; you'll have to go to the glossary part of your journal to read them. You'll find the information under "Kalkstein's Notes."

Note: "Sephirah" is singular and "sephirot" is plural.

Here is where you'll find the ten sephirot:
  • Chocc'mah. You'll receive this sephirah from Kalkstein (#1) when he gives you the quest.

  • Ghe'vrath, Oth and Veen'ah. You'll receive these sephirot when you make the proper offering to Melitele at her shrine at the hospital (#4). The novice nun next to the shrine will give you the clue for what to offer -- "nature's harvest: fruit, plants, flowers." Fruits (such as Watermelons and Pears) are the easiest to offer since they can be found all over the place, and since they'll only cost you 5 orens if you have to buy one.

  • Keth'aar. Raymond Maarloeve (#5) will give you this sephirah during the quest Vizima Confidential (after you've performed the autopsy and dealt with Ramsmeat).

  • Kezath. Vaska will give you this sephirah when you complete the quest "Clay Pits" in the Swamp Forest.

  • Maal'kad. You'll find this sephirah when you kill the cockatrice in the Sewers.

  • Neh'tza. You'll find this sephirah on the corpse of the Sentry golem in the Swamp Forest. To learn how to wake up and kill the golem, see the quest entry for The Sentry.

  • Tipperath. You'll have to buy this sephirah from Leuvaarden at the Dike. There isn't any way to reduce the price. You'll always have to pay 500 orens.

  • Y'esath. You'll find this sephirah in the cave in the Swamp Forest.
Note: The game assumes that you'll find the Keth'aar Sephirah last, so the objectives for the quest can be off by one. For example, if you have nine sephirot including the Keth'aar Sephirah, then the objectives will only list you as having eight sephirot.

Once you've collected the ten sephirot, you'll trigger the quest "Monoliths" to place the sephirot in the ten obelisks around the Swamp Forest. Each obelisk is named for one of the sephirot, and only one sephirah can fit inside each one, so this quest shouldn't be too tricky, although you'll probably have to wade through lots of drowners and the like to reach all of the obelisks.

Note: We've heard that this quest can break if you start placing the sephirot in the obelisks as soon as you get them and then pick up duplicate copies of the sephirot. So wait until you have all ten before placing them.

Each time you place a sephirah into an obelisk, you'll receive 100 experience points. Placing all ten sephirot will complete the quest "Monoliths" and cause the door to the tower to open.

To complete the quest, you'll just need to return to Kalkstein and tell him the news. If you do this immediately, then you'll find him in his house (#1). If you decide to go into the tower first, then Chapter II will come to an end, and you'll eventually find him inside of the tower. Either way, Kalkstein will reward you with 1000 orens and 2000 experience points when you talk to him.

1 - Kalkstein's House

2 - Vivaldi's House

3 - Prison

4 - Hospital

5 - Raymond Maarloeve's House






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