Quest: The Viziman Connection

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You'll receive this quest from Jethro at the conclusion of quest Following the Thread (#1).


During the course of Following the Thread, you found a letter from Gellert Bleinheim implicating him in the Salamandra Fisstech operation. When you read the letter, you'll discover that Gellert has a post in the Sewers (#2), and you'll decide to confront him there.

When you reach the right spot (labeled a "transfer point" on your map), you'll find Gellert with five other Salamandra goons. They won't talk to you; they'll simply attack. After the battle, when you loot Gellert's corpse, you'll find the Key to Salamandra Code, a Royal Letter of Safe Conduct, and more.

Note: If the corpses are all on top of each other, and you're having trouble finding Gellert's, then you should drop your extra weapons in some convenient corner, completely loot a corpse (causing it to disappear), and then repeat until you find the right one.

When you notify Jethro (back in the prison in the Temple Quarter) that Gellert is dead, he'll reward you with 200 orens and 4000 experience points.

1 - Jethro

2 - Transfer Point






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