Quest: Old Friend of Mine

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You'll receive this quest when you talk to Shani at her house (#1) or at the hospital (#2).


When you talk to Shani at the hospital, she'll tell you that a surgeon named Rusty figured out that extracts from the plant Celandine can retard the progress of the plague, and she'll ask you to track down 5 blossoms. Celandine was available in Chapter I, so you might have enough already. If not, you can harvest it in the Swamp Forest.

When you give five blossoms to Shani, she'll be thankful, and while you can ask for a monster anatomy lesson (which will give you information on a random Chapter II monster), you'll decide that Shani still owes you one, and that you should talk to her more often.

After completing the quest Anatomy of a Crime (aka the autopsy), the next time that you talk to Shani in her house (#1), she'll tell you that she and Dandelion are planning to throw a party -- if you can supply the booze. To advance the quest, you'll need to track down one bottle each of Cherry Spirit Cordial, Mettina Rose, and Temerian Rye. You should be able to buy all three drinks from the Waitress in the Hairy Bear Inn (#3).

When you deliver the alcohol to Shani, she'll invite you to "bring a friend" to the party. There are three people that you can choose for this: Carmen (#4), Siegfried (#5), and Zoltan Chivay (who wanders around the quarter). As far as we can tell, your choice won't affect anything later in the campaign. The party will just go slightly differently depending on who you bring. For example, Carmen will make Shani jealous, Siegfried will sing, and Zoltan won't do much of anything (but Dandelion will sing a funny song when he comes).

Once the party has started, you'll just need to talk to people to advance the quest (even when it tells you to take a drink; you'll get drunk automatically). Eventually, your guest will suggest that you liberate something from Grandma downstairs: Grandma's Pickles and Lard, Grandma's Cordial, or Grandma's Diary. If you looted the item before the party, then this step will be very easy; you'll just need to talk to your guest again to move things along. If you didn't pick up the item, then you'll have to go downstairs to get it, and Grandma will probably throw you out of the house for being drunk. The easiest way to get sober is to quaff a potion of Wives' Tears; otherwise you'll have to go somewhere and meditate for an hour.

After the party, the quest will update and suggest that you give Shani some flowers to as a way to say thank you. You'll only be able to do this in her house, and she'll only accept Red Roses. You can get Red Roses from the Gardener (#6).

When you give Shani the roses, if you say "You're blushing" then she'll disclose that Thaler (#7) is the chief of the Vizima secret police, and she'll sleep with you, and that's how the quest will end. If you say "No problem" then she'll only tell you about Thaler, and you'll have to find more Red Roses to give her so that you can repeat the gesture.

Note: You can only participate in this quest in Chapter II.

1 - Shani's House

2 - Hospital

3 - Hairy Bear Inn

4 - Carmen / Eager Thighs Brothel

5 - Siegfried / Order Guard Post

6 - Gardener

7 - Thaler's House






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