Quest: All the King's Men

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You'll receive this quest when Triss gives you the Letter of Safe Conduct at the start of the chapter.


Nothing much will happen in this quest for a while. You'll get hints here and there that something is going on -- for example, that you need a Letter of Safe Conduct at all -- but you won't get any real information until after completing the quest A Posh Reception.

At that point, when you leave the New Narakort Inn (#1), you'll witness a confrontation between Count de Wett and Thaler. Count de Wett will claim that he has a royal edict removing Thaler from his post, and Thaler will deny it. If you support de Wett, then you'll have to kill Thaler, but if you support Thaler, then you'll learn that royal edicts are being faked.

Note: As far as we can tell, there aren't any long-term consequences for who you support here.

The quest will next update when you spy on some Salamandra officers during the quest Lock and Key. You'll witness the officers talking to somebody named Radovid via a magical mirror, and you'll eventually pick up the Seeing Stone that they used to activate the mirror.

When you take the Seeing Stone to Triss in her house (#2), she'll use it to determine the location of the second mirror used in the conversation. When you go there (#3), you'll find Radovid, the King of Redania, inside. He'll inform you that he already knew about the royal edicts, and he'll spend some time talking about Triss and Princess Adda, but nothing will come of the conversation.

Finally, at the end of the quest The Unforgiven, you'll discover that Princess Adda was the one responsible for the forged royal edicts -- not to mention that she was also helping the Salamandra. Princess Adda will subsequently try to have you executed, but you'll escape to Lakeside, and that's how the quest will end.

1 - New Narakort Inn

2 - Triss' House

3 - Radovid's Hideout






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