Quest: What Lies Beneath

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You'll trigger this quest the first time you prove someone innocent in the Suspects quest.


This isn't much of a quest. You can only update it in two places:
  1. When you finally realize that something is going on with Raymond Maarloeve (#1), and you decide to be careful with what you say to him.

  2. After you've figured out that Azar Javed is impersonating Maarloeve, and you talk to Kalkstein (#2) about him. Kalkstein will tell you that Javed relies on fire, and so you should face him somewhere surrounded by water. You'll decide that the mage's tower (in the Swamp Forest) would be ideal for such an encounter. Of course, that's where you'd face him anyway.
If you complete this quest by updating it twice, then you'll receive 2500 experience points. If you "complete" it by only updating it once and then facing Azar Javed at the mage's tower, then you won't get anything.

1 - Raymond Maarloeve's House

2 - Kalkstein's House






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