Overview: Chapter V (Castle)

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You'll start out in the chapter at the Vizima Dike (not shown). Dandelion will be with you. Dandelion is the only NPC in the chapter who will allow you to access your storage space, but he won't travel with you when you leave the Dike, and you won't be able to return to the Dike once you've left, and so you should do whatever item swapping you need to do before you leave.

You can also encounter some other NPCs at the Dike -- like Vincent Meis, Carmen, and Zoltan Chivay -- depending on the decisions that you've made during the course of the game. Meis and Carmen won't say much, but Zoltan will give you one of three quests depending on your affiliation: Under a Fiery Sky (neutral), Hope Burns Bright (Scoia'tael), or The Flame that Cleanses (Order).

Your goal at the Dike is simply to leave. When you reach the walkway on the northern side, you'll find Order soldiers and Scoia'tael soldiers battling each other, and you'll be able to join in depending on which faction you're supporting. If you're with the Order, then the Scoia'tael soldiers will drop Squirrel Puffs when they die, and you'll eventually need them for the quest The Flame that Cleanses. But otherwise, the soldiers will keep spawning, and you won't get much for killing them, and so you should head for the Old Vizima gate (to the west) as quickly as possible. There isn't any way to reach the Temple Quarter (to the east).

When you go through the Old Vizima gate, you'll witness a cut scene where King Foltest will be attacked by the Scoia'tael and then get "rescued" by Jacques de Aldersberg, the Grandmaster of the Order of the Flaming Rose. "It was close this time. Next time, I might arrive too late to help you."

After the cut scene, you'll travel to the Castle with the king (#1), and he'll give you the quest Her Highness the Striga. From this point on, the chapter will proceed normally, with some variation depending on which faction you're supporting, and you'll get to do things like explore the war-torn streets of Vizima, hunt for the pieces of a special suit of armor, and finally put an end to the Salamandra crime organization.

The main quests for the chapter are Her Highness the Striga (where you'll get to cure or kill Princess Adda), Under a Fiery Sky / Hope Burns Bright / The Flame that Cleanses (where you'll have to fight your way through Old Vizima), and Sweet Revenge (where you'll finally get to take down Azar Javed).

The chapter will come to an end soon after defeating Azar Javed, and then in the Epilogue you'll get to track down the mastermind behind all of the evil events in the game: Jacques de Aldersberg, the Grand Master of the Order of the Flaming Rose.

1 - Throne

This is where you'll start out in the Castle.

2 - Triss Merigold

When you talk to Triss, if you chose her over Shani in Chapter III, then you'll get an opportunity to tell her that you love her -- or that things will never work out. This choice doesn't appear to affect anything. Triss is also involved in the quests Armor and Her Highness the Striga.

3 - Count de Wett

Count de Wett is involved in the quest Her Highness the Striga.

4 - Velerad

Velerad is involved in the quest Her Highness the Striga.

5 - Antoinette

Antoinette will give you the quest Mud and Velvet.

6 - Locked Doors

You'll never be allowed to go through any of these doors. To exit the castle, you'll need to talk to the chamberlain (#8) after meeting with the king in his chamber (#9).

7 - Guarded Door

You won't be able to go through this door right away. You'll have to talk to Triss (#2), de Wett (#3), and Velerad (#4) first (for the quest Her Highness the Striga), and then the king will call for you.

8 - Chamberlain

After meeting with the king in his chamber (#9), when you talk to the chamberlain, he'll offer to send you to Old Vizima. This is a one-way trip, and you'll never get to return to the Castle, so be sure that you've done everything you want to do inside before departing.

9 - Foltest's Chamber

King Foltest will update a few quests, including Her Highness the Striga, Sweet Revenge, Identity, and A Game of Dice. As far as we can tell, you'll only get one opportunity to play Foltest in dice poker. If you decline his invitation for a game, or if you lose the game you play, then you'll never get another opportunity, and so you should save your game before talking to him.






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