Quest: The Rat

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Coleman will give you this quest when you talk to him at the Hairy Bear Inn (#1). The dialogue option for the quest will only come up after you've spoken to Vincent Meis (#2) about the Salamandra.

Note: If you gave the cargo to the Scoia'tael in Chapter I, then you'll need to complete Coleman's quests before talking to Raymond Maarloeve (#3). That's because while you're talking to Maarloeve, the very Scoia'tael that you helped will hunt down and kill Coleman, and afterwards you'll only find his corpse in the Hairy Bear Inn.


Coleman will ask you to check out a haunted house (#4), and, if you find a threat there, to eliminate it. There are actually two quests that you can complete in the house: Coleman's quest and also Conrad's quest A Most Uncommon Wine. Conrad will claim that the house is haunted, too.

Coleman's ghosts, two wraiths, can be found on the main floor. Conrad's are in the basement. You'll get over 1000 experience points for defeating the wraiths, but when you return to the Hairy Bear, you'll discover that Coleman is gone. When you ask the innkeeper about him, he'll tell you that Coleman is probably at the Dike -- and he'll also offer to pay you for any information that you find out.

When you go through the gate to the Dike (Exit A), you'll immediately encounter Coleman. He'll pay you 100 orens for your work, and he'll explain that he's been working with Vincent Meis to "dismantle" the Salamandra, only "some fool keeps killing Salamanders, spoiling our traps and schemes." Oops.

To complete the quest, you'll need to return to the innkeeper. You'll have to tell him that you've seen Coleman, but after that you can either say that you "lost track of him" or you can give up his location. You'll earn 1500 experience points either way, but if you rat out the rat, then you'll also receive 500 orens. Coleman will disappear from the Dike (and the game) regardless, and since he is a source of Fisstech (both for buying and selling), you might want to keep him around, and only talk to the innkeeper at the end of the chapter.

Note: Meeting Coleman at the Dike is required to prove that Vincent isn't working with the Salamandra. See the Suspects section for details.

1 - Hairy Bear Inn

2 - Vincent Meis

You'll either find Vincent inside the prison or in the courtyard outside the prison.

3 - Raymond Maarloeve's House

4 - Haunted House

  1. Gate to the Dike.






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