Quest: Alvin

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The first time you enter Murky Waters, Dandelion will come up to you and tell you that Alvin is in the village, too, and that he's staying with Alina (#1). That announcement will trigger this quest.


When you enter Alina's house, you'll be greeted by Alina. She'll admit to you that she and her fiancÚ Julian have been arguing about whether they should adopt Alvin or start their own family. She'd like the former, but he's for the latter. Meanwhile, Alvin will tell you that he likes it in Murky Waters -- the children play "kill the elf" and he gets to be the "Grand Master" -- and so you'll decide to discuss the matter with Julian at the inn (#2).

However, when you approach the inn, you'll see Julian in conversation with Celina, Alina's sister, and you'll recognize that the three of them are involved in a love triangle. This will make you wonder about Alvin's future family, and so you'll decide to talk to Dandelion in the inn to see if he's heard any rumors about them.

When you enter the inn, Dandelion will come up to you and give you a letter and a Dimeritium Amulet, and he'll tell you that you're supposed to give the amulet to Alvin. However, when you return to the village, you won't find Alvin in Alina's house any longer. There are two places where he can be:
  • If you sent Alvin to live with Triss in Chapter III, then you'll find him at the ruins (#3), and you'll have to win him from the gambling ghost.

  • If you sent Alvin to live with Shani in Chapter III, then you'll find him along the riverbank (#4), and you'll have to protect him from a devourer.
When you give the amulet to Alvin, he'll tell you about his dreams, and how he sees Alina in the Fields, "dancing in the sunlight, searching." He'll then tell you that he feels bad after having these dreams (which will update the quest The Heat of the Day), and he'll run off.

Note: Alvin can tell you about his dreams at other times, too.

From this point on, Alvin's quest will only update as a consequence of completing other quests:
  • After you've killed Dagon in the quest Ripples, Alvin will tell you that he'd like to become a witcher -- "one like you, not like Berengar" -- and you'll get three options to dissuade him from this idea. We've heard people claim that what you say to Alvin at times like this can change some things at the end of the game, but we've never noticed any differences, so feel free to say whatever makes sense to you.

  • During the quest The Heat of the Day, after you've found the Shards of Alina's Mirror, Alvin will ask you for advice about his visions. Again, you should say whatever you want.

  • After completing The Heat of the Day, Julian will tell you that the Fisher King (in Lakeside) would like to speak to you. The Fisher King in turn will direct you to the Lady of the Lake (on Black Tern Island). The Lady of the Lake will give you the silver sword Aerondight. We're not sure why this sequence updates Alvin's quest, since it doesn't seem to have anything to do with him, but it does.

  • Finally, during the quest Free Elves, when the fighting starts up between the Order and the Scoia'tael, Alvin will teleport away, and you won't have any idea about where he went. At the conclusion of the quest, you'll decide to look for him in Vizima, but you won't ever see him again -- or will you?

1 - Alina's House

2 - Country Inn

3 - Ruins

4 - Riverbank






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