Quest: Old Habits Die Hard

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The naiad (#1) will give you this quest when you talk to her.


The naiad will tell you that a thief drowner named Zephyr stole a Turquoise Necklace from her, and she'll offer you some "trinkets" if you can get it back. Once you've accepted the quest, the naiad will move over to the Circle of Waning Magic (#2).

You won't be able to track down Zephyr directly. Instead, you'll have to kill some other drowners and lure him to you. There are three spots where you'll have to kill drowners:
If you visit these locations at night, then you'll find four or more drowners at each spot, and once you've killed the right ones (there might be some extras around, too), the quest will update.

Once you've cleared out all three spots, Zephyr will appear by himself. He's tougher than a regular drowner, but he shouldn't cause you any problems. When Zephyr dies you'll get about 3000 experience points, and you'll find the Turquoise Necklace on his remains.

When you take the necklace to the naiad (#2), she'll let you choose between three rewards: the book A Description of the Vodyanoi or the Fishpeople, an Earth Rune, or free healing whenever you talk to her. She'll also give you a Red Ribbon and 6000 experience points.

1 - Naiad

2 - Circle of Waning Magic

3 - Drowners

4 - Drowners

  1. Boat between Lakeside and Black Tern Island.






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