Overview: Chapter IV (Lakeside and Black Tern Island)

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When you appear in Lakeside, you'll find yourself next to a "resolute girl" who will claim to know everything. That's probably not the case, but if you exhaust all conversation options with her, then you'll learn quite a bit about Murky Waters and the surrounding areas, including that "Julian yearns for Alina, Celina yearns for Julian, and Alina likes Julian's gold but yearns for Adam."

That is, this chapter will be something of a commercial break from the rest of the campaign. You won't hunt down any Salamandra thugs, and you won't see any mention of Azar Javed. Instead, you'll deal with weddings, cows, and fish gods.

The main quests for the chapter are The Heat of the Day (where you'll sort out the business between Alina, Celina, Julian and Adam), Ripples (where you'll try to solve a conflict between the local humans and vodyanoi), Alvin (where you'll get to learn more about Alvin), and The Paths of Destiny (where you'll finally get to meet Berengar).

The chapter will end with yet another battle between the Order and the Scoia'tael. This battle will cause most of the NPCs in the chapter to disappear, so before completing The Paths of Destiny (which triggers the battle), you should do all of the shopping and storing of objects that you need to do.

1 - Starting Point

This is where you'll start out in the chapter. Near this spot you'll meet a naiad and a resolute girl. The naiad will give you the quest Old Habits Die Hard and then move over to the Circle of Waning Magic (#3). The girl will tell you about some of the people in the area.

2 - Statue

At this spot you'll find an statue / altar dedicated to the Lady of the Lake (#9). If you click on the statue, you'll read an inscription detailing how the Lady once brought peace to the humans and vodyanoi in the region.

When you first visit the statue, you'll meet a friendly vodyanoi priest. After you've proven your dedication to the Lady by kneeling before her statue, he'll talk to you, and he'll give you the quest Ripples (other people can give you this quest as well). He'll also teach you that "witchmolol bool" means "witcher" in his language.

At various times during the chapter, the priest might disappear from the statue, but he should always come back. If you can't find him for a while, you might need to progress in the quest The Heat of the Day to get him to appear. After completing the quest Ripples, the priest will leave the statue and hang out with the Lady of the Lake at the temple on Black Tern Island (#12).

3 - Circle of Waning Light

This is a shrine for the Yrden sign. The naiad will move here after she gives you the quest Old Habits Die Hard (see #1).

4 - Fisher King's Hut

You'll usually find the Fisher King in his hut, but sometimes he'll also go fishing near his boat (Exit A). The Fisher King is peripherally involved in a few quests, including Alvin and The Paths of Destiny, and if you talk to him, he'll give you permission to use his boat.

5 - Elf Camp / Cave

You'll meet a few elves inside and outside the cave:

6 - Basket

Inside the basket you'll find a Gold Diamond Ring and more.

7 - Campfire

Once you've helped out Berengar in the crypt (#8), he'll move over to this campfire, and he'll stay here for the rest of the chapter.

8 - Crypt

The first time you enter the crypt, you'll find Berengar inside, and that will of course update the quest Berengar's Secret. You'll also trigger the quest The Paths of Destiny, which will require that you follow Berengar for a bit and clear out the crypt. After the fighting, Berengar will move over to the campfire near the crypt (#7), and you'll be able to continue your conversation with him there.

If you loot the containers inside the crypt, then you'll find a Silver Necklace, a Silver Ring, a Mahakaman Two-Handed Axe, a Piece of Armor, and more. The Piece of Armor is involved in the quest Armor.

9 - Lady of the Lake

The Lady of the Lake is involved in a few quests, including Identity, Ripples, and The Paths of Destiny. After talking to the hermit in the Fields and learning about the Holy Grail, you'll be able to sleep with the Lady of the Lake.

10 - Circle of the Last Drop

The circle is for the Axii sign. You'll encounter some basilisks near the circle, which is useful for the Basilisk Contract. You'll also find a couple of trunks near the circle, and from them you can get a bottle of Wyvern Blood Spirit, a Moon Rune, and more.

11 - Corpse

You'll find a Mount Carbon Dwarven Axe on the corpse.

12 - Dagon's Temple

You'll fight Dagon here during the quest Ripples, and eventually the Lady of the Lake (#9) and the vodyanoi priest (#1) will move here.

  1. Boat between Lakeside and Black Tern Island. You'll need to ask the Fisher King (#4) for permission to use the boat.
  2. Path to the Fields.
  3. Path to Murky Waters.






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