Quest: The Heat of the Day

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Alina will trigger this quest when you talk to her in her house (#1).


Alina will tell you that she and her fiancÚ Julian recently argued about whether they should adopt Alvin or start a family of their own, and she'll ask you to look in on Julian at the inn (#2). She'll also ask you to keep an eye out for her sister Celina.

Note: Alina won't explicitly make any mention of this, but if you read the quest objective, you'll see that Alina thinks that Celina might be trying to seduce Julian. If you talk to enough people in the area, including the resolute girl in Lakeside and Celina herself (#3), then you'll see that Alina has a right to be suspicious.

When you leave Alina's house, you'll run into Adam. Adam will tell you that he's in love with Alina, and that he's composing a poem to her. "Marriage is never an obstruction to true love." After talking to Adam, he'll return to his house (#4), and you'll decide to speak with Dandelion at the inn.

When you approach the inn, you'll see Celina with Julian. The cut scene won't really show anything, but the quest will update to indicate that Julian is "indifferent" towards Celina, and that Alina shouldn't have anything to worry about. Julian will then go into the inn, but Celina will hang around outside. When you approach her, she'll start up a conversation with you, but she'll just complain about Alina, and then she'll return to her house (#3).

When you relay the news to Alina, she'll seem happy but unsurprised. "Celina can be unbearable, but she'll change -- if she marries." You'll then decide to wait and watch, and nothing else will happen in the quest until you rescue Alvin and give him the Dimeritium Amulet (see the quest Alvin for details). Alvin will tell you that he's had some bad dreams about Alina, and that they've always taken place in the Fields. If you talk to some other people (like Julian), they'll nudge you towards the Fields as well.

If you go to the raspberry patch (#5) in the Fields during the day, you'll find Alina there -- as a noonwraith. She won't realize that she's dead -- instead, she'll talk about collecting Raspberries for Julian, and she'll wonder why she's cold -- but when you deliver the news to her, she won't believe you, and she'll attack. Alina appears to be just the same as a regular noonwraith, and so it shouldn't be difficult to defeat her.

When you step away from the raspberry patch, you'll witness a cut scene where Adam will kill Celina for killing Alina, and Celina will turn into a nightwraith. Then when you exit the Fields and return to Murky Waters, you'll encounter Adam. He'll tell you that Celina admitted to killing Alina, and that he couldn't control himself.

When you inform Julian (#2) about the murders and the wraiths, he'll take the news stoically, and he'll ask you to "do what needs to be done... and if you can, male it quick and painless." He'll also ask you how Celina died, and you'll be able to protect Adam or not. This decision won't really change anything.

Next, you'll need to find somebody who knows about folktales and curses -- that is, the healer / Abigail (#6). The healer / Abigail will tell you that Alina owned a magical mirror, but that it was smashed and its shards scattered around the Fields. The healer / Abigail will then speculate that if you were able to put the mirror back together and give it to Alina, then she might recognize that she's dead.

You'll find the five Shards of Alina's Mirror in the Fields (#7). Each piece will be guarded by a special noonwraith called a midday bride, and so you'll only be able to collect the shards during the day. You'll get about 1000 experience points for killing each bride (including the optional one in the raspberry patch), and you'll get an additional 2000 experience points once you've collected all of the shards.

Note: To get the shard at the ruined mill, you'll need to climb up the stairs and the planks to reach the top of the silo.

To repair the mirror, you'll need to take the shards to the blacksmith (#8) or to the elven craftsman (in Lakeside). Both will charge you 100 orens for the service, and you'll just need to talk to them a second time to get Alina's Broken Mirror from them.

However, when you take the mirror to Alina (#5), nothing much will change. She'll recognize her own name, but she'll still jabber on about collecting Raspberries and being cold, and you'll decide to look for an alternative method for putting her to rest.

If you sided with Abigail in Chapter I...

... then Abigail will suggest that "poetic arguments" might convince Alina that she's dead, and you'll immediately think of Dandelion, who you can find at the inn (#2). Dandelion will agree to meet you at the raspberry patch (#5) at dusk.

Note: If you can't get Dandelion to show up at the raspberry patch, then you should either meditate at a nearby campfire until dusk, or you should leave the Fields and then come back during the evening.

At the raspberry patch, when you talk to Dandelion, he'll start reciting a "poem for two voices," which means that you'll have to help him out. The two right answers are "the deceased" and "a ghost," but it doesn't matter if you say the right thing or not, because if you give the wrong answer then Dandelion will just re-recite his part of the poem and you'll get another shot at making the right selection.

After the poem, Alina will realize that she's dead, and she'll forgive her sister for killing her. "Celina, don't blame yourself. I know you never intended to kill me." That will free Alina from her curse, but it will leave Celina behind. Celina will then start wandering the Fields, and it's possible that she'll stop and talk to you, but probably nothing will happen until you meditate or re-enter the Fields. At that point, if you have the Wreath of Immortelles, then you'll be able to give it to her to break her curse as well, or you'll be able to kill her. You won't get anything for freeing her, and you'll only get a small amount of experience for killing her.

Finally, when you return to Julian at the inn (#2), he'll reward you with 400 orens and 6000 experience points, and that will complete the quest.

If you let the mob have Abigail in Chapter I...

... then when you return to the healer (#6), she'll tell you that you have "innocent blood on your hands," and so you can't help Alina. Worse, she'll tell you that the dead can only hear the dead, and so somebody will need to make the "ultimate sacrifice" to reach Alina. That somebody is Adam.

If you told Julian about Adam murdering Celina, then Adam will be under house arrest, and you'll need to get the key to his house (#4) from Julian. Otherwise, you'll just need to go see him at his house.

When you tell Adam the situation, he'll run off to the Fields, and you'll find him next to the campfire north of the raspberry patch (#9). When you talk to him there, he'll kill himself, and then he and Alina will unlive happily ever after. "We can go now, together, into eternity...."

Note: You'll find 850 orens on Adam's corpse.

Another Note: After Adam and Alina leave, it's possible to run into Celina in the Fields. She'll be a nightwraith. We've heard people say that they were able to give her the Wreath of Immortelles to cure her, but as of version 1.3, when we encountered her, she talked to us and then attacked us, and we never got an option to give her anything. Please let us know if this was fixed in the Enhanced Edition.

To complete the quest, you'll just need to return to Julian (#2) and tell him what happened. He'll reward you with 400 orens and 4000 experience points.

1 - Alina's House

2 - Country Inn

3 - Celina's House

4 - Adam's House

5 - Raspberry Patch

6 - Healer's House

7 - Mirror Pieces

8 - Blacksmith's House

9 - Adam's Campfire

  1. Path between Murky Waters and the Fields.






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