Quest: Flowers and Gold

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Yaren Bolt will give you this quest when you talk to him at the Lumberjacks' Clearing (#1).


If you ask Yaren about witcher work, then he'll make you a deal. He'll describe what Beggartick Blossoms look like (which will give you their entry in the ingredients section of your journal), and he'll tell you that the ferryman (#2) is looking to buy five of them. All he'll want in return for this information is half of the profits.

You can find Beggartick Blossoms on the northern side of the Swamp Forest, near the collapsed tower (#3) and the rebel camp (#4). You can also buy some from the elder druid at the druids' grove (#5). Once you've gathered enough blossoms, when you take them to the ferryman, he'll give you 400 orens for them.

When you return to Yaren, you'll have to make a choice: to keep all of the money for yourself, or to give Yaren his half. If you share the profits, then you'll receive 1500 experience points. If you keep everything for yourself, then you'll only receive 1000 experience points.

1 - Lumberjacks' Clearing

2 - Ferryman

3 - Collapsed Tower

4 - Rebel Camp

5 - Druids' Grove






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