Trophy Monsters
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You'll encounter ten "trophy monsters" in the game, two in each chapter. Each time you kill one of these creatures, it will drop a trophy, and when you turn in the trophy you'll receive some money and experience points.

Listed below are the ten trophy monsters:
  • Nadir (Chapter I): Nadir can be found near the Old Mill in the Outskirts of Vizima, but only at night.

  • Ozzrel (Chapter I): Ozzrel is located in the crypt in the Outskirts of Vizima. You'll need to complete the quest Buried Memories to get to him.

  • Cockatrice (Chapter II): The cockatrice is located in the Vizima Sewers. You'll have to kill it during the quest Prison Break.

  • Coccacidium (Chapter II): You'll find the Coccacidium in a random location in the Swamp Forest.

  • Moa (Chapter III): You'll encounter Moa on Wyvern Island in the Swamp Forest.

  • Voref (Chapter III): You'll find Voref in the Golem Burial Ground in the Swamp Forest.

  • Teyu (Chapter IV): You'll encounter Teyu near the pond in the Fields.

  • Ureus (Chapter IV): You'll face off against Ureus in a crypt in the Fields.

  • Lilly (Chapter V). Lilly will show up near the chapel in the Swamp Cemetery late at night.

  • Vesper (Chapter V). Vesper will show up near the chapel in the Swamp Cemetery late at night.
After turning in three trophies you'll receive a Svarog Rune Stone. After turning in five trophies you'll receive a Perun Rune Stone. If you manage to turn in all ten trophies, then you'll receive either a Mahakaman Rune Sihill or a Moonblade. To get these extra prizes, you'll need to talk to the trophy receiver again after turning in the trophy.






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